Cant log off 2nd char, Account is Locked.....

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Ok back story:

Got wow remote app, worked awesome

Guild decided to name change - guild chat on remote app did not work.

2 days ago guild chat now works everything is great.....

Now guild chat works on remote app but if I log on at my comp it will show my preist to be online aswell as my hunter....but the preist has the little icon for remote chat. So I grab my phone and I make sure I log off of my remote app and my preist will stay logged on.

My preist will no longer have the icon for remote chat but will show him in game as if I was playing on him.

Since this has happened I have got an e-mail from blizz saying my account has done things that are consider "suspicious activity" and my account is locked....

I went throught the steps to unlock it but Im hopeing this doesnt happen again and if i should just unistall the app all together.....

Please help.

*Edit - iPhone 4 not jail broken and there is no difference from 3g to wifi and yes I make sure to log off the character instead of just minimizing the app.

********ALSO for the second time today my account has been locked due to "suspicious activity" ***********

Just got the E-mail.
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Ok so for the second time today I got my account locked.....

Litterely 5 min after reseting password and unlocking account I hop on remote app and get another msg saying my account is locked again....

thats 3 times

and the 3rd was 5 min after i reset my password and account......
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reset account and password for the 3rd time.....

logged in to remote app, clicked the guild chat, asked if my characters are doing anything friend said my priest has been logged on all day and when they would whisper me they would get a msg saying im offline....

2 seconds after reading that I try tp respond and for the 4th time

THATS RIGHT 4TH time I get a msg saying my account is locked....

Thats 3 account locks with in 10 min....

*deleted app and will not reinstall until something is figured out.

*edit - ticket submitted.
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