Herald of the Titans - Gearing and Running

90 Human Death Knight
I wanted to start a thread for anyone out there that has a level 80 Alliance toon that is thinking about doing Herald of the Titans or even having this be a reason to start thinking about it.

Requirements Now:
1) Be level 80.
2) Give a commitment to help to possibly gear other people, including yourself.

Requirements Later:
1) Have every armor piece have an ilvl no higher than 226
2) Have your weapons have an ilvl no higher than 232
3) Some experience with some of the fights in Ulduar, especially Algalon.

Eligible Gear, Enchants, Flasks, etc.
1) Armor ilvl 0 - 226.
2) Weapons ilvl 0 - 232.
3) Savage Armor, lvl60+ enchants, most of enchanting except the Cata ilvl300+ enchant types are available.
4) Cataclysm food, flasks and pots can be used.

(Tanks - 1) Mcgyver
(Tanks - 2)
(DPS - 3)
(DPS - 4)
(DPS - 5)
(DPS - 6)
(DPS - 7)
(Heals - 8)
(Heals - 9)
(Heals - 10)
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80 Night Elf Druid
I am planning to have this be one of the tanks for the run.

At the moment this is my current gear setup:

I am missing a bunch of tier pieces and a ring but so far it's looking to be alright for just having started gearing a toon.
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100 Tauren Shaman
i would be quite keen to do this,i have a lvl 80 mage on alliance that i havnt played in a while
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80 Night Elf Druid
Where are all the other people? There must be some more people who have at least a little interest.
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90 Human Paladin
I would be interested im leveling a druid as we speak and I will keep it at 80 for this task. I would be a healer if that matters.
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80 Night Elf Druid
Got Herald in an openraid group today. Surprisingly, only took 2 attempts. I'm still interested in helping other people get their titles too so let me know.
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