DS10 Heroic Mount, LAST SLOT SALE!

90 Draenei Shaman

Well, we have 2 weeks left before MoP hits. Here are the details for the final sale slots available. Firelands is completely booked, and so is the 25man DS, however, we do have 1 slot remaining for 10 man

Price: 90k
Includes: 8/8 Heroic Clear for Savior of Azeroth title AND Lifebinder's Hand-Maiden (no other achievements are guaranteed)
Loot: Any mount's that drop, with the exception of the Hand-Maiden will be rolled upon by our raiders and kept in guild. No loot is guaranteed, however, most is available. You are PAYING for the clear and the mount.
Logistics: Clear is Thursday 09/20 at 7pm server. We use Mumble instead of Vent or any other voice client, so please have it downloaded and contact us for our info. www.mumble.com
Cross Realm: We welcome CrossRealm buyers for this, however, please be aware that you MUST have the gold on our server(LLANE) to make payment.

Price: 100k
Includes: 7/7Heroic Clear for Firelord title AND Pureblood Firehawk (no other achievements are guaranteed)
Loot: All loot is yours, with the exception of Staff Pieces (however, let me know what part you are on, and we might be able to work with you) and Alysrazor's Mount.
Logistics: Clears are Thursdays at 9:30pm server or Saturdays at 5pm server. We use Mumble instead of Vent or any other voice client, so please have it downloaded and contact us for our info. www.mumble.com

**NOTE** We are able to field THREE groups for this each week, so please feel free to book now and early as it's first come, first serve!
**NOTE** We also sell JUST the clear without the mount for 60k. All other rules apply.
**NOTE** If you have a lockout AT Heroic Rag10 we will kill him at a discounted price for you to get your mount.
**NOTE** If you ALREADY have the Firelord title and just want the mount, get ahold of me for discounted rates.

We welcome cross realm buyers for the Firelands clear, however, you must have the gold on our server for payment.

We require 50% of the total amount up front to hold your slot. If you decide to cancel, you will be refunded 50% of the amount you paid to hold your slot. Example: You give us 50k for the DS25 clear, and decide to cancel. You will receive 25k as a refund on your deposit. We will be willing to work with you if you need to reschedule or there are extreme circumstances, however, this is to deter people from booking and canceling without notice.

We are now selling HERALD OF THE TITANS!! Details below...
Price: 70k
Includes: Herald of the Titans feat of strength and title.
Requirements: You are only able to attain this achievement on a LEVEL 80 character. You do not have to have a min/maxed gear set, or any gear set for this, we can and will carry you, however you are NOT able to wear any item OVER iLVL 226 (232 for Mainhand, Offhand, Ranged).
Times: Negotiable, please contact me for scheduling.
**NOTE** We still require HALF up front to reserve your time for this Achievement.

We are also selling OLD WORLD achievements:
ICC10 AND 25 normals AND heroics
Naxx10 AND 25
Obsidium Sanctum10 AND 25
Malygos10 AND 25
ToC10 AND 25 normals AND heroics
Onyxia10 AND 25

Prices on these vary, please contact me if you are interested in scheduling anything.

You can find me in game on Llane on Kapp, Kappore, Badunkadunk or Durdle. You can also add me on realID: vanmeter.chris@gmail.com

Edited by Kapp on 9/8/2012 5:26 PM PDT
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85 Human Mage
Help me finish my Legendary, my guild disbanded.
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90 Draenei Shaman
PEW PEW We'll get it done!
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90 Human Paladin
2 friends and I just bought the pureblood fire hawk and "firelord" title this week. We also got some pretty decent gear upgrade. They have very professional teams and the price was reasonable.
I highly recommend buying the mount from them!
ps: the mount looks AWESOME! best mount in the history of WoW imo.
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90 Undead Rogue
Just curious, but do you do normal firelands on alts or anything?
Can that kind of run be bought?
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90 Human Warrior
We don't usually do normal Firelands, but for the right price I'm sure I could get one together.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Just finished a H FL clear on a purchased run with these guys. Great group and highly recommended if you're looking to pick up one of the mounts.

Thanks again.
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90 Human Warrior
Still looking to book DS and FL, only a few slots left untill MoP hits!
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90 Draenei Shaman
This is our current sale thread, please pay no mind to the others that keep getting bumped.
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100 Human Rogue
I bought the heroic 25-man DS run this week. Got four tier pieces, two weapons, a trinket and of course the mount/title and achievements! The entire raid took about an hour and forty-five minutes. These guys knew what they were doing. I'm an avid mount collector so this was a great opportunity to get a mount that will soon be virtually unavailable!
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100 Night Elf Hunter
I just finished a H8/8 DS run with these guys.. left with a few pieces of gear, heroic achievs and an awesome mount in less than 2 hours.. these guys are very organized and fun to run with!! anyone who wants a chance at this mount before mop hits i would highly recommend booking asap.... other realms are selling this same run for a whole lot more.. it is well worth it!!
thanks so much to the Judgement peeps for my run!! :)
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90 Gnome Mage
I waited too long to try and book a FL run. Grats on Judgement selling out these runs right up to MoP.

If anyone drops out I'll happily take their spot.
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90 Draenei Shaman
We're fully booked for FL, but DS is still available, and now is CROSS REALM via realID!
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90 Human Death Knight
Anytime :)
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90 Gnome Mage
I did two runs with Judgement in the past couple of days and enjoyed both. For Firelands, it was 10m and took about an hour and a half. I walked out with a couple of tier pieces and weapons. I did DS25m last night. The run wasn't as efficient as Firelands, but was an interesting look into higher-end raiding than I've ever been a part of before. I got six (!) pieces of armor and my BIS (relatively) weapon, plus the title and mount in about two and a half hours.

Many thanks to Kapp, Vain, and the cast of dozens that helped with the run. It's a great service that I recommend highly.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Updated sale info for the last 2 weeks of DS!
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