[A] Riders of Gilead - Needs a Raid Leader

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Riders of Gilead was formed during Burning Crusades and has a solid group of guild leadership. We are all mature adults that enjoy the game in a relaxed, yet productive raiding environment. While we do not strive to be World, US, or Server first at anything, we do desire to progress through end content while it is still relevent.

During MoP we plan to expand past a single 10 man group of raiders and form 2 or maybe even 3 10 man raiding groups. Thus, we are in search of a mature adult raid leader for another 10 man group.

Our raid times will be Tuesday & Thursday nights 9:30-12. As the raid leader you can specify when you're group will be raiding. While this is less than 6 hours of raiding in a given week, we still require a lot from our raiders to maintain progression.

What we are looking for:
-You must be an 21 or older.
-You must be patient.
-You must have experience running and/or leading successful raids in the past (herioc progression is a plus).
-You must be able to perform as well or better than the other raiders in your group.
-You must be able to focus on leading your raid and playing your class.
-You must be able to communicate, strategize, and lead exceptionally well.
-You must be on before the scheduled raid time.
-You must be able to provide your raid with the necessary guild provided tools to aide to the success of your group.
-You must have the ability to determine when to replace someone due to performance, attendence, or drama related issues. (this needs to be brought to the Officers to arrange for a replacement)

What we are not looking for:
We do not want a hot headed, nerd raging, douche bag that can only focus on playing their own toon and relies on others in the raid to tell them what went wrong.

Riders has a very firm "No douche bags allowed" policy and Douchbags will be hung on the spot.

If you are interested in this position please apply at www.ridersofgilead.com or whisper Breetai or Xerron in game.
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Breetai / Xerron,

Thank you for the post. I would like to get to know you and your guild mates. I think I might be a good fit. I'm 43 and both my wife and I play most days.

I love to Tank and run all 4 classes (Pally is my main). Naturally I end up leading groups and have led them in multiple MMOs now. Most of the groups I've ran with have been a little too casual for my taste and I'm looking for a change. At this point I'm interested in getting as many DS heroics in as possible and then grinding dungeons in MOP to get ready for raiding there ASAP.

I've tried to whisper you in game but, unfortunately you weren't on at the time. I checked out the website but haven't located the application. Please send me an ingame mail and let's setup a time to talk.


P.S. Gilead wouldn't be a reference to my favorite Stephen King series, would it?
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