Yet another Monday, 20 August 2012

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Sometimes maintenance of the Sentinels Wiki is quite a chore. O_o Seriously ... why do these people make so many accounts? This past weekend, for example, over 70 new accounts were created. Only about 10 of those posted a single page. None of those pages were connected from the main page. No one but me ever SEES these pages and I'm not following links - I'm deleting and blocking.

Now, on the topic of the Sentinels Wiki, there's three events listed on the main page. Can anyone confirm that they are either still going or no longer happening? Does anyone have an event they'd like to have listed?

Sunday: Hair of the Dog (hosted by Hair of the Dog)
Tuesday: Tuesday Takeover (free-for-all in Stormwind Cathedral District)
Saturday: The Wyrmhearth Tavern (hosted by The Dragonsworn Council)

I'm not asking for opinions that the server is dead or there's no RP. I don't think the Sentinels Wiki is currently being used as much of a resource, but that's not the point. I'm only asking if anyone knows of public RP events that could be listed.

And on an unrelated but similar note - I think WowFiction has bitten the dust. DO NOT try going to it. The page source shows it redirecting immediately. The destination is a PPC (pay-per-click) type site and the only thing it does for me is try to run some sort of java script which I have blocked in my browser. A true pity.


I picked up a mini-sunburn on Sunday. I went to the gym, grabbed lunch, picked up tickets for a movie and realized I had 2.5 hours to kill. So I walked to a nearby park and sat eating lunch and reading. Thought I turned around in time ... but apparently not. My shins between the top of my socks and the bottom of my capris, only on my right side, are a warm red. I've heard of farmer's tans, but this is just a little silly.

The movie I watched was Expendables 2. Thankfully I had very very low expectations - and was just looking forward to guns and explosions. Van Damme trying to play a bad guy was interesting to see, and of all of them I think I was most amused by Chuck Norris - which was unexpected. His comic timing on a typical Norris joke was great.

I also got my hair trimmed this weekend and just noticed that in the front it is about the same length as Blue's. O_O Hee.

Good morning Sentinels.

*sets out coffee, hot chocolate, muffins and donuts for survivors of the Blue Wall of Text Challenge*
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Challenge accepted and met! And donuts consumed ;)

So nice now that the weather is back to a bearable temperature. Mornings are overcast, sunny in the afternoon, high temperature below 80F. Absolutely perfect. If only I weren't at work :p

I went and saw the latest batman movie, was okay, glad I went to a matinee though.

Now to get ready to run the new employee training session. Hmmm, looks to be a new nursing student today, the clinicians all looked young as well, hopefully I won't need to explain the difference between a right and a left click, or what a mouse is.
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Had to run cable for a computer hook up this afternoon. Our ceiling are hanging type and thankfully this one was pretty open. No squirrels or mice encountered. ;-) Our new wireless network sux it. Now that 35,000 students are all trying to download movies, jokes, p_or_n, music, and what not the system is dragging. Actually found some po_rn on one student's machine the other day. D\Good thing for him it was not a university machine. Kids!!

I hear tell of a bar that has meatloaf Monday. I am hoping to give it a try either today or next week. Loves my meatloaf. YUMMMMMM.

*damn filters, can't type !@#$ without making it po_rn.
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08/20/2012 10:47 AMPosted by Eilethalua
Tuesday: Tuesday Takeover (free-for-all in Stormwind Cathedral District)

The Servitors of Lothar have transferred to Wrymrest Accord and thus no longer run this event.
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08/20/2012 02:28 PMPosted by Sinlinara
Tuesday: Tuesday Takeover (free-for-all in Stormwind Cathedral District)

The Servitors of Lothar have transferred to Wrymrest Accord and thus no longer run this event.

Sad but true.

I went today to an Appointment about my sleep Apnea, an what there gonna do now, kinda spooks me. but they better hurry up, classes start Sept, 25th, An I don't wanna be in that much pain when classes restart.

In other news, got yet another mage to 85. /golfclap but not much else to do before MoP drops. Also played the free 15 levels of SWToR. an now that the hype is gone I wanna play it. But I think i'll wait just awhile longer, an either wait for the game to drop to $14.99 or Free to play.

Oh an what surgery are they gonna perform you ask? Well here ya go, a link to the site that shows it. the only difference, is there gonna do top an bottom jaw work. Enjoy
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