Experienced Cata Raiding Rogue LF a Guild

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Posting this on an alt so as to not cause drama with my main's guild.

I started playing WoW a month after the launch of Cataclysm. Shortly after hitting 85, I pushed myself up to learn as much about my class as I could. EJ was the bible for me as I learned and went through a great deal of time investment into becoming almost instinctive with my rotation so as to not fail to mechanics.

Shortly after, I applied to the top guild on the server (Click at the time) almost as an afterthought, doing what I considered to be a very well-written app but almost expecting a rejection due to my lack of experience. Either they loved my app's detail or they just took pity on me, and a couple days later, I was invited to run with them. Somehow the stars alligned and my first ever boss pulled a member of a raiding guild was Sinestra near the end of t11 (go figure). I guess my trial went well, because I was given an invite shortly after and got my feet wet a little more with Heroic Nef, and a lot of the earlier Heroic bosses in t11. I'm not going to say I was deserving of my spot, because being thrust into that situation new to these encounters with everyone else around you having done them for months was a little overwhelming.

But I finally got my break to learn alongside them when Firelands came out. Ended up going 6/7H before the stress of Rag combined with a loss of players to rotate caused the guild to collapse. I'm definitely proud of how I grew as a player though.

Unfortunately, due to the collapse of the guild, as well as a couple of things going on in life, I took a five-month break from WoW at the release of Dragon Soul (wouldn't you know it, the one tier where rogues take center stage as DPS and I'm not in it until late.)

When I came back in April, I was invited by a friend to faction transfer to horde side, to a MUCH MUCH more casual guild than I was used to. Being back in that environment when I was so used to the hardcore progression of Click was definitely a bit of a shock. Even with the entire raid geared out in t13, my Heroic t12 gear put me at the top in DPS very shortly after I got there. I'm not going to insult anybody because obviously they take enjoyment in different aspects of the game than I do and they apply themselves in different areas. I have that perspective. But it's clear to me as a raider at heart that this isn't the type of guild I see myself fitting in.

I've spent a lot more time on the PTR as of late, getting in touch with the changes to my class and getting prepared for Mists next month. I hope to be in a guild ready to raid competitively by then. Here's the pertinent information without giving away my toon's identity.

Character main spec and off spec.:
Combat/Assassination (switching to main assassination in 5.0.4 because it's the clear Rogue frontrunner)

Professions: (JC/Enchanting both maxed)

Age: 23

Able to make evening to late night server raid times

ilvl 400

Cataclysm Raid Progression:

Bastion of Twilight: Dragonslayer
4/5H (only missing Ascendent Council)

Blackwing Descent: Blackwing's Bane

Throne of the Four Winds: "of the Four Winds"
1/2H (missing Conclave)

Firelands: Firelord
7/7H (went back and killed Rag alongside an OpenRaid group for several weeks to get the Firehawk Mount)

Dragon Soul: Alas, only Destroyer's End
3/8H (the new guild essentially stopped progressing on Heroics after downing the first three (Morchok, Ultrax, Yor'Sahj)

Raiding Add-Ons used:

All reforging is done through Shadowcraft, all enchants/gems are the EJ standards.

Why should you recruit me to your progression guild instead of Joe Schmo:
I'm a capable player who knows his stuff, and is ready for Mists by taking the time to go to the PTR and learn my class changes that are imminent. I expect from myself just as much as I expect from my teammates. I have a lot of loyalty to my raiding guild as long as I know that everyone's pulling their own weight, and if they don't, to do some research to fix what's going wrong/causing wipes/DPS issues. I do the same in return. I give excellence and I expect excellence.

That's not to say I'm ridiculously militant and serious about raiding. I've got a good sense of humor and like doing more casual things too. Being a metagame-level Pokemon player, I'm sure I'll have a little fun with the Pet Battle system. Challenge Modes are something else I'm really looking forward to. With them coming soon, I'd like some people in the guild to play alongside with to push for Gold and have fun/laughs doing so.

Long story short, I'm not just someone who logs on for raids only (although that is the purpose for this topic). I'm going to be an active participant in the guild in all aspects, and I hope to have guildmates who do the same.
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I look forward to volume two of this budding novel
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Not sure if I going read this book first or wait till the movie is realeased.

(bit of advice on telling a story. it's like a womens Dress got be long enough to Cover the Subject. But short enough to Keep intrust.)
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