375k Gold Givaway!

83 Orc Warrior
Though I know I will most likely not win this, I am posting in the hopes that I am wrong and to commend Domaiche for being generous enough to give his gold to the Vco community.

It takes a certain class of person to look back at the good times he or she has had in this game, and realize, it was because of the good people of this server. I have personally been here since the beginning, and I have to say, people like Domaiche are what made this server what it is today.

I am sure some Horde member will post after me once I head to bed, and sadly, I shall not win the gold. All I ask is that whomever does win, spend it wisely and if they ever move on from this game, they to share their wealth with this fine community.

I raise my glass to you Dom, may you find as much enjoyment in GW2 as you did in WoW. You will be missed.

P.S.: My toons would look awesome on a Mechanohog. If one of you generous types win this, I would not refuse a few coins to help fund my way to a sweet Hog :P
90 Blood Elf Priest
As I mentioned in a previous post, if I do win, I will honestly be giving about 90% of it away to the community.

I've been playing for a long time and I have met some great people.
I have helped and been helped throughout many alts which I've had in the past.

I could never, due to my availability, make enough gold as Dom has and as my going away gift, I'd like to spend my last weeks helping others as a thank you. This will help.

On a side note, you can bet that I'm going to give some gold to everyone who kept this thread alive and had fun with me as I RP'd :)

I have a busy day tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll post again.
All I will say is this: Whoever wins, please share it with the community as I would have.

Good night VeCo
If I do win, Mechano Hogs to all ^_^

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90 Undead Priest
Oh, I rather doubt I'll win, but I'm posting anyway. I'm pretty terrible at making and keeping gold, though I try. Honestly, I think most of it gets leeched away by my alts.

As much as I'd like to say I'd give a bunch away if I won... Well, maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn't. There are many mounts and pets I'd love to collect though.
77 Tauren Hunter
If I win the gold I promise to add an extra bluff to Thunder Bluff with it and call it Domaiche Rise. It will mainly be for oat storage, and maybe I will add a new pond to fish in.
85 Undead Rogue
Bloop. :3
90 Blood Elf Priest
*Jumps out of bed suddenly*

30K to Thunderhoof! 30K to BTG! 30K to Ozymandias! 30K to.....to....

*Rubs her eyes before passing out again*
85 Undead Rogue
Now now, no need to sacrifice beauty sleep over some WoW gold.. :)
90 Undead Priest
I'm not in bed yet.
But aw, heck. I'd totally take 30k. I'm sure Flimsy would agree.
85 Undead Rogue
Hah, I'd settle for 30k as well. Actually, I'd settle for any amount of gold, cause I'm probably the poorest Rogue you'll ever meet :|.
85 Worgen Rogue
08/30/2012 12:36 AMPosted by Flimsy
Actually, I'd settle for any amount of gold, cause I'm probably the poorest Rogue you'll ever meet

If it wasn't for this patch, he would be broke by spending the last of his savings on a few poisons.

Thank you, Blizzard, for giving this poor soul another chance.

... I'm sorry, everyone is having so much fun and I just want to poke me head in. Disregard this post.
90 Tauren Druid
hey I would like the gold so I can help out some guildies and the guild with it instead of using it all for my self

thank you for just being apart of such a great community
90 Goblin Rogue
Gold give away... sounds like yous mooks are gonna need to fence that moolah so the authorities don' catch wind of such a deal.

Tells ya wha' I'm gonna do. For a mere thirty percent finders fee, I will introduce yous to a guy I know who can "launder" those sweet simoleons for ya.

*Vinni's eyes light up as the bags containing the gold coins are brought out.*

((Good luck all. May the best goblin win! :D ))
90 Blood Elf Hunter
You guys all realize he won't check here till the 31 right? Just pull a Takeshi Kitano and slice your enemies at the precise time. Don't go towards your goal, let it come to you.

And as for me, i'll probably host a monk tournament with the gold. Like an Iron fist tournament or something... Tekken tag style.
Orc want to start motorcycle club. Orc will use money for making motorcycle club and maybe he buy some new swords.. Orc no know now.. but orc will treat gold like friend and hang out with all the time.
76 Tauren Warrior
*Begins dancing on a mailbox*
77 Tauren Hunter
Gold for oats! OATS for all!
76 Tauren Warrior
Gold for goats
90 Blood Elf Priest
*Rubs her eyes and sits up in her bed*

I had the most marvelous dream. I had Kaldorei servants, a pet Worgen that I house trained, and Lor'themar was rubbing my feet. I swear he smelled like roses, oh wait, that was me.

*Walks slowly to her mailbox and sighs*

Well, I'm off to a full day of shopping at Silvermoon.
77 Tauren Hunter
Wow, how come I can't get anyone to rub my feet. Err... hooves.
76 Tauren Warrior
And let the spamming begin
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