Guild founder and co-raid lead absent or late

To be more clear on the guild, we formed early this year and started raiding with Dragon Soul. Background info on person in question: was one of three people who founded the guild (one of the other two no longer plays, the other one very very rarely) and lead our raids for several months. There was a period of about a month where he disappeared (we'd later learn he was in the hospital) and during that time I stepped up and filled in as raid lead to keep the guild moving.

Background info on me: I was recruited into the guild early in its life. I have been part of the raid team since our first raid. A month or two in I, along with a couple others, was promoted to Officer for our commitment to the guild. We weren't actually assigned additional duties, it was (or came off to me as) a title reward for performing well and being active in the guild. After the one month absence of the person in question, one of the other co-founders who now rarely plays made the decision to promote me to the same status that the other two co-founders have. Since then I have co-led raids with our original raid leader.

The current problem: co-guild founder and co-raid lead has been either absent or late for numerous weeks now, and has as of very recent become uncommunicative.

A bit more detail: about a month ago, maybe more he simply didn't show up to our raid. I can't remember the excuse he gave, it was an understandable one. The following week, again a no show. This time he says he was hit by a car. I can't remember if he raided with us the following week, but either that week or the week after again he doesn't show. He was in jail. I can't remember if he shows to the following raid. This week, he doesn't show.

On his communication: we have had no problems right up until this past week. He was always around a day or two after his absences and he always had valid reasoning for not being there. This immediate past week though was strange. At some point he removed me from Real ID. His account was hacked this week, and it was sometime after that. I made the decision not to bring it up because I assumed it was due to his recent hacking. He had nine or so characters in the guild after all and was online nearly every day. I could still easily communicate with him.

He then faction changed one of his characters he occasionally raids with us on, and then pugged a fullclear on the character he usually raids with us on the night before our raid. He still has other characters, so though it's strange I don't think much of it. I purchased a heroic clear on my main a week earlier myself (although I told him of my desire to do so and asked his permission.) At the time nothing seemed particularly off. I asked him that night whether he'd be coming to the raid tomorrow just to make sure and he confirmed for me that he was.

He didn't show up to the raid the following night.

He has been offline since. My position currently is that I don't know what to do. When I next catch him online I intend on talking to him and figuring out what exactly is going on with him, but it has been some days now. He is stunting our guild progression. I would like to finish Dragon Soul by the time Mists of Pandaria comes out, and I know our team does. We could recruit in his place, but I know that once he comes back he will want his place on the team. It's still - and even I feel this way - "his" team. That he put together, has spent the most time leading, and that got us many kills.

I just don't know what to do. He's become unreliable and currently difficult to communicate with. I may be jumping the gun but he's had attendance issues for several weeks now and Mists of Pandaria is not far off.

What would you guys do in this situation?

tl;dr original raid lead and current co-lead has been absent or missing or weeks, it is his team and his guild, I as the other raid lead an unsure as to what to do about this.
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90 Human Paladin
Either way I would suggest that you have extra people on your roster. Having an exact 10 can always lead to problems in case there is a no show. So you can recruit another raider, not as a replacement for him, but just an extra on your roster. That way if he or someone doesn't show, you won't have to cancel or pug.

If his attendance keeps getting worse and he won't communicate, then I would defiantly look at a permanent replacement for him.
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Does the guild have attendance rules? if So what are they and what are the consequences for breaking them? He may have some legit excuses, but the hard cold facts are he is not attending your raids and this is impacting 9 other players.

I would talk with him and explain that because this concerns more than just him, he is risking losing his raid spot. Yes he created and formed the raid team, but that does not give him life time ownership of it

I would look to recruit a replacement now and if attendance remains a problem replace him
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It's no longer "his" team if he isn't actively leading it. It may have been at one time, but it is no longer. He is also faction changing, raiding with other guilds and not showing for your own raids. Replace him.

This seems like he no longer wants to raid with you guys. Add in the faction change, the raiding with other guilds, the lack of communication, removal of realid etc. I would start thinking about demoting him and protecting the guild bank.

Regardless of his past actions, his current actions show he has no interest in the guild now.

Hit by a car, in jail, he has a bevy of excuses and even if you talk to him, I don't think you will accomplish a whole lot other then, "yeah, sorry man, I'll be there next week", then a no show.
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