allowing cross faction chat

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08/23/2012 05:23 AMPosted by Lockböx
I'm not sure, but in the next expansion won't there be an area where cross faction communication can take place? No trade or combat of course, but I thought I read something about it.

I wish, Lotus would prolly move the Story Circle there so both sides can go.

And it would be glorious, eh Boxie?
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Nothing, and I stress nothing good would ever come from something like this.
People take their wow way to seriously, and with all the cyber bullying. People can't even be civil to others in their own faction. Never mind a BG where the other team is getting gy camped..... The forums would be endless pages of complaints.
There are people that create toons on other servers\factions, just to rage at people now.

Those cases would far out weigh the few cases of cross factions helping each other. In those cases you don't need much (if any) communication. I have helped plenty of people on the other faction and it took no communication at all. They would emote a /thank you, /wave when it was over, and I return with a /wave.
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90 Undead Warrior
08/23/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Sintestra
I'm sure I'm forgetting some titles here....


Nothing, and I stress nothing good would ever come from something like this.

There's plenty of good that could come from it. The negatives just outweigh the positives.
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It wouldn't be any worse than what we already have...

Here's an idea. Implement it, but don't make it baseline. Make it something that not everyone will have, so people who harass others will look silly when nobody understands their accent.
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100 Troll Hunter
Here's an idea. Implement it, but don't make it baseline. Make it something that not everyone will have, so people who harass others will look silly when nobody understands their accent.

Make it so you can't use it if you're flagged for PvP, or only in certain places or rooms (Argent Tournament grounds, for example) on RP servers.
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90 Undead Warrior
08/23/2012 06:07 AMPosted by Pyronaptor
Make it so you can't use it if you're flagged for PvP

There are RP-PvP servers too, ya know :( (the point there being that contested territory automatically flags you).
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100 Human Paladin
Short answer: No

Long answer: Dear lord, no. Trash talking is fun in, what, grade school? Grow up.
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15 Human Priest
Take a look at Trade chat, take a look at BG chat, take a look at chat in LFR. Those are people from your own faction, now imagine what it would be like to add the opposing faction.

We have a DK on my main's realm who uses a hack to speak common, needless to say it's as bad (actually worse) than any of the above examples I've given.

Cross faction communication? Hell no!!
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100 Goblin Hunter
Blizz should do a test. They create a chat channel that works cross faction in your zone.

See what happens...

feature would be removed by the next patch for sure, likely through some form of abuse, whether verbal, or people on one faction warning the others what cities will be hit.

I am all for having it freely in neutral sanctuary areas like Shattrath and Dalaran. Perhaps even just limited to say and yell (maybe even not yell, come to think of it. That would get spammy fast).

I would be interested to see x-faction chat enabled if you are flagged for PvP in an area where you can be killed by the other faction. Just to give us a chance to shut you up if you get annoying.
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85 Worgen Druid
Nope, bad idea.

Will result in flames, insults, and qq.
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100 Undead Rogue
08/23/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Shadowfuzz
nothing is more fun then trash talking the other faction

Pretty sure this is why they wouldn't allow it.
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100 Goblin Hunter
You know, it's funny to think about now, but when I first started playing, I thought the reason they didn't allow x-faction chat was because they didn't want horde and alliance working together and being friends.

It's funny how far that is from the truth.

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85 Worgen Priest
08/23/2012 01:50 AMPosted by Zephirra
Hello, Shadowfuzz

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85 Human Mage
08/23/2012 01:07 AMPosted by Sintestra

This used to be in the game. Didn't work so well. With the new (idk how new but it's fairly new) option of playing both factions on ALL servers now, why do you need that? Just make an alt on the faction, a few years ago you had to have another account to talk to people, now it's as simple as logging out, pressing down, hitting enter and bam.

It was never universally in the game.

Forsaken could speak to alliance due to being "undead humans".
There was also "leet speak" which could bypass the filter because it didn't translate symbols, only letters.
The only other method required being flagged for PvP: a priest could MC someone and /emote to talk to them while they were MC'd. None of those are options anymore.

I wouldn't be opposed to opening cross faction chat with restrictions.

1) Only Say and Yell
2) Only in Sanctuary areas (Shat, Dal, etc)
3) Never in BGs

There's no reason alliance and Horde should be conversing in trade or general chat.

I loveed my SS EE OO D A P macro back in Classic days. It only worked when speaking Common. Horde would see ME LO VE Y O U
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90 Night Elf Druid
I think it could work and make gameplay/factions more interesting with a couple of limitations. The ability would need to be earned through a long and painful rep grind with a neutral faction (or several of them) to ensure only those who really want the ability will have it. Once aligned with the neutral faction, rep would be subject to loss through world pvp by a certain number of points per kill. Players should only be able to communicate with opposite faction players who also aligned themselves with the neutral faction. It would need to be non-functional in battlegrounds.

This would offer a new option in playstyle and ensure that those who would abuse it for cross-faction harassment in pvp would lose the privilege. If it is something so difficult to earn that you wouldn't want to lose it, it would curb abuse and deter those who would want it for no other reason than to harass. At least it seems that way to me. I'm sure someone would be able to find a way around it, or there is a loophole in my theory since I've only had one cup of coffee today.
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100 Gnome Death Knight
08/23/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Shadowfuzz
nothing is more fun then trash talking the other faction or just having a conversation

just create horde toon and run to the nearest city and talk in trade....
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Flaming and trash-talking goes on all the time, even without cross-faction chat. It's not like it will introduce something new and horrible. However, for those of us who *DO* like to RP, having the ability to talk cross-faction would be an incredible boon. Even RP-PVP.

Imagine...say...two RP guilds, opposite factions, declare an IC war on each other. The ability to speak cross faction introduces the possibility of spies. Capture and prisoner exchange. Terms of surrender. Negotiations. All things that are an essential part of war. Regardless, it makes ZERO sense for people who once communicated together to suddenly forget how to speak each others' languages. This is doubly absurd now for Pandaren...who suddenly can't understand each other simply by choosing a side?

Deus ex machina, Blizzard?

So, create the ability to speak cross-faction, but give it a toggle in your settings - allowing you to either see it or don't see it. Gives everyone the choice. I ignore trash-talking from my own faction with ease, and it wouldn't be any different if it was coming from an Alliance character.
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90 Human Mage
IMO factions is the single worse trend ever in MMORPGs. Period. They serve absolutely no purpose in a PVE oriented game like WoW other than to divide the player base and force you to roll a new character to see half of the content.

IMO on PVE realms there should be cross faction chat, grouping, ect.
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90 Undead Rogue

only thats not the way it ever works out.

any time 2 opposing sides get to talk to each other it becomes vulgar insults along with racial and homophobic slurs.

i get enough of that from my own faction, dont need the rest of the server too.

EQ2 would say you're wrong.
Rift would say you're wrong.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some titles here....

SWTOR allowed it but only in /say range, and only in /say

Let's just say both of us were pleasantly surprised to learn we could actually communicate to one another on opposing factions. It gave the game that much more enjoyment, especially from an RP sense.
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100 Human Warlock
I feel its about time blizz allows cross faction chat in limited locations.

I was with you until you said

nothing is more fun then trash talking the other faction

Which is when I agreed with
08/23/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Crittie
The playerbase isn't mature enough to deserve it.
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