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Is it time for MoP Guild spam yet? I think it very is!

Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth is one of the oldest raiding guilds on US-Farstriders, having set up shop here when the server opened to transfers from several other overpopulated servers in January of 2007. We raid things. We've done it for a long time, and we're reasonably good at it, having been a permanent fixture among the server's top raiding guilds throughout our existence. We're also home to some PVPers, to some generally casual players, to the server's only genuine fake-Gladiator, and to family and friends who like to hang out with us, joke around, and have a good time.

Want to be a member?
A) Nobody likes anyone who dominates guild chat. It's nice to be friendly. Sometimes it's nice to let other people talk.
B) You should have a sense of humour. A love of Doctor Who will also help you fit in.
C) You must have a reasonable facility with the english language and find occasional grammar lessons entertaining.
D) You can't be a jerk with our guild tag above your head. We believe in warnings and second chances, but ultimately if you insist on being a jerk with our guild tag above your head, one of those two elements will change.
E) Your repeated and generic assertions that "(faction here) sucks at (battleground here)" are old, tired, and uninteresting.
F) Though we welcome all players, the core of our guild is a mix of adult professionals and parents. We don't have a problem with foul language, when used in moderation and for comic effect. But there are some words that simply do not get used by members of our guild. If you manage to use one of them, usually we'll give you a warning and ask you to avoid doing so again. If you try to argue with us when we warn you, and give us fourth-grader-at-recess excuses like "Oh, I meant he was a bundle of wood" or "I was only using the N-Word ironically," we will opt to just kick you on the spot instead.

Want to Raid?
After two separate attempts to kickstart a 25-man team during Cataclysm, we unfortunately found ourselves with the conclusion that Farstriders didn't have the population or the available skill set to support such an endeavour at the level we like to play at. We think that a high end 25-man team is still viable on the server, but would at this point necessarily involve at least one of the top guilds merging, eating, absorbing, or starting fresh in conjunction with at least one of the other top guilds. And while I'm quite open to that conversation if anyone wants to sit down and have it, we're also pretty comfortable with our current arrangements, just as everyone else seems to be, so barring a change our current plan is to continue with our 10-man group when Pandaria hits.

Given the way in which our social ranks have thinned over the course of Cataclysm, we're also quite amenable to becoming home to more than one 10-man group. If you're looking for a change of setting or a more grown-up environment for your own raid team, chat up Laura in-game or via a PM on our forums. Naturally there'll be logistics and support to sort out, but we'd love some fresh faces in the mix. We've got resources we can put at your disposal (forum support, bank stuff, EPGP [or other] solutions, Mumble, well-known guild name), and would be happy to share our expertise and bad jokes in equal measure.

Returning Member?
Yes, you're welcome back, unless you stole from the bank or were a complete jerkwad. No, you don't have to re-apply unless we can't remember anything at all about you other than that you were a complete jerkwad. Chat up an officer in-game.

Not Worried About Raiding?
Outside of our raid environment, Heaven and Earth is also home to a number of people who are just genuinely in love with this game (myself included), and pretty good at it to boot. Between 5-mans, LFR, PVP, challenge modes, eighteen-thousand new dailies, PET BATTLES, and all of our alts, Pandaria boasts a million things to do, and we like to think we offer a relatively relaxed, grown-up and fun atmosphere in which to do them. If you're in the market for a guild, or a change of venue, I'd encourage you to chat up one of our officers, or pay us a visit over at www.haefarstriders.com to see what we're about.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers: Laura, Maleldil, Naari, Nahstara or Kumari. We're usually around in the evenings, often in the daytime, and if you don't see one of us on, feel free to whisper any member of the guild to ask for us (we have a trillion alts), or shoot us an in-game mail, or PM on our forums. Please be aware that if we're in the middle of a dungeon, raid or battleground, we may not see your whisper or may wait until we're finished what we're doing to respond to you: we're players too, after all.


Edit: Prepositions and a typo.
Edited by Laura on 8/22/2012 8:50 AM PDT
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90 Orc Warlock
Bumping for a great and fun guild!
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90 Human Paladin
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90 Draenei Paladin
08/22/2012 08:19 AMPosted by Laura
D) You can't be a jerk with our guild tag above your head. We believe in warnings and second chances, but ultimately if you insist on being a jerk with our guild tag above your head, one of those two elements will change.

Unless of course your name is "Laura", and honestly, I am quite alright with that.

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90 Draenei Shaman
Bump for cool people!
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Important Update:

I am eating really fresh cheese.
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Its nice to see farstriders is still alive and kicking.
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Tell them about the free puppy!
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90 Dwarf Rogue
I was just checking out other servers and remember HnE back when it was on our server. I was just curious if any of the original people were still around. It doesn't look as though grey is leading it anymore. It seems like things are going fairly well though
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Bump, 'cause our raid team is interested in adding an additional healer (preferably not a priest), as well one ranged DPS, ideally of the Boomkin/Shadow/Elemental variety.

Check us out at www.haefarstriders.com, and chat up Laura in game.
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Found ourselves a healer. Still theoretically open to the best-damned hunter or elemental shaman we've ever seen, should the right person come along, because our W/H/S/M token is a very lonely place to live.
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90 Human Paladin
Bump for bumping sake on the bumpiness scale of the bump factor to the power of .... Bump ?
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Bump one of the few alli guilds I have respect for =D !
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90 Human Warrior
Bump because Rossi is awesome and i miss her!
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Bump for an ossum group of people.
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90 Worgen Druid
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Canz I raid with you if I offer the best damn ham sammich around?
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