The ignorance Of Yagermeister

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I don't normally vent about people's ignorance but there seems to be no short of it in WoW. One example is this kid Yagermeister from Deus Invictus. He was looking for a JC in trade today, so I posted. He invited, we met and I waved. He didn't speak, just opened trade window and proceeded to give me a bunch of ore. I waited a sec, no response so I just prospected his ore. I gave him all his gems and waited a sec on the last trade to see if he would tip but nothing, ok it happens. I completed the trade and he just flew off. Waited a couple minutes to see if he would respond with anything and nothing. So I whispered him, " Wow, no tip and not even a thank you! How awsome are you!" He finally comes to life and whispers back, "IKR". Really? I go out of my way to help you and this is how you act. I don't mind helping people out at all but this is just plain ignorant. I just don't understand what the hell is wrong with people. He not only proved to me what kind of person he is but he is also embarrassing his guild and may make people think that whoever he hangs out with may be just as ignorant. I don't know and this may be kind of petty but if I was you, I wouldn't respond to him when he ask's for something in trade. You'll probably end walking away wanting to smack someone. =0)
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Welcome to the internet.
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That's why you always charge a fee for any service you provide.
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Hes like 12. But that's still kind of rude not to say thank you or offer a tip.
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I just want to say thank you for the responses in game and on forums. Your understanding is appreciated. Thank you also to the officer of Deus Invictus for the in-game mail response. I know Deus Invictus does their best to run a great guild. I would never hold a whole guild responsible for one members action's. Considering Yagermeister is that young, I guess it is expected to some point. (LoL)
As for a fee up front, I always hesitate for fear of looking greedy or unpassionate to one's needs. I always hope people will know ahead of time that a tip, no matter how small, should be given for the time and money it took to learn the profession as well as for the service being provided. Most of all that i do expect, even more that a tip is some kindness and appreciation. I know it sounds cheesy, lol, but it goes a long way with me.
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I would have felt perturbed too, but Yager is only 10 and he is very shy.

Thank for doing what you did for him. I'm sure he'll remember to thank people that help him in the future, lol [assuming, of course, he read this post].
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Give the kid a break.
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