Nothing Personal..where are you?

Popcrnshower here. Back from a long hiatus and just wondering if anyone from old school Nothing Personal is still around? Gypsie, Astarte, Traktor, Deadlysneak, Blyen, Cand, Khyo, etc where are you all is anyone else out there from vanilla Nothing Personal still gaming?


Oh yeah daggerspine is dead.
90 Draenei Shaman
How could you forget licks?????
omg licks! dude didnt you also use "pepsi" something also? bro i talk to kyle on fb and he said most of NP doesnt game anymore, are u planning on MoP? (flashback to MC farming and forgetting to loot core hounds)
90 Night Elf Priest
As far as i know Licks is running Nothing Personal. Gypsie is still active within We Who Dare as well as a few others I believe.

P.S. Your thinking of Pepsikiss/Pepsiblood
85 Worgen Warrior
Holy Crap its Cand! dude i still have a ss from my first NP 5 man it was a dire maul tribute with me, u, gypsie, traktor and battyboy..epic days, glad to see you are still owning horde face!
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OMG, talk about a blast from the past lol. Cand! You still working at the same place? Marcius and I are still playing, joined Uther server to join Anessa's guild at the end of BC, and played with Cake or Death in LK. In Cata I transferred factions to play horde side, and have been there ever since. Been raid leader/officer for a 10 man raid for about a year, still playing my resto druid (like I have since day 1 of wow). Glad to see some old faces, =)
^Classic druid, i could have sworn you tanked MC sometimes back in the day, (loot the damn hounds) its kinda crazy to see how everyone went their own way after NP split..other memorable faces; ricerocket, curseofsin, caell, etc...great times, i wanna dig up some old Screenshots if they are still around

oh yeah, Decado, gnotagirl, medisi, seebomb, garthorn
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Good times!
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Get out of here. D:<

Way to not have me on battletag/realid Don ;_;
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Somebody mail Jeeps a bottle of wine so she can drink it at 3am and yell at Kaz some more.
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I think I missed out on the drunken Jeeps vent shenanigans. Though Clort/Batty/Kaz mage drinking... that will never be forgotten.
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@ Cand:

Phantom Valets.
85 Orc Warrior
Cand and his Valets/10minute+strat discussion before every fight every week.

90 Human Mage
Also, pop I suppose I apologize for epic ragebanning you from NP when you got locked to somebody else's AQ40.
haha i remember that, it was with eternal, i think after that aq i ended up sticking to pvp then transferred..but up until AQ20 those raids were some of the funnest things ever
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Niellor just came through Seattle today, he said to tell you lot that he's still alive etc.
and Bel says "!"

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