For the Horde/Alliance Last night

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To all the brave soldiers of the Horde and alliance that were involved last night, I say this:

That was fun as hell, can we maybe do that again sometime?

Seriously though, even though both sides failed miserably, that was the single most fun I have had on Draenor since I started playing.

Background for those who weren't there:
Alliance got some intel that horde were planning on attacking SW soon. Reports came flooding in when they hit darn, and SW started rallying the troops. They hit the harbor first, with a smaller force than expected, and the attack was quickly put down. We then retreated to the keep, upon hearing that additional horde had been spotted in the city. Then the real attack came.

Approximately 20 or so horde charged the keep, and a quick but violent battle ensued. After the smoke cleared, the invaders lay dead, and the alliance soldiers were buzzing like angry hornets. Cries of "BURN ORG!" and "Let's march on them now! Show them how it's done!" could be heard throughout trade chat.

So a counter-attack was formed, with a sole goal in mind: Burn Org to the ground.

We formed up outside the SW gates, and were ported to the city, we flew in and attacked, but the Horde was ready for us, just as we had been for them.

The battle raged for a few minutes, allies falling left and right. We sustained heavy losses, and were forced to retreat.

Like I said, even though both sides failed, it seems a good deal of fun was had by those involved and it's nice to see some spark in the Realm.

A salute to those involved, both allies and enemies.
-Menardi of Draenor
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Approximately 20 or so horde charged the keep, and a quick but violent battle ensued.

Varian has more than 20 NPCs that join him with more than a million HP when you pull I imagine that battle WAS pretty quick. :D
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