(H) Ours Is The Fury - Recruiting for Mists

100 Blood Elf Priest
Ours Is The Fury is a new raiding guild setting up for Mists of Pandaria.

The guild is a brand new guild on the server founded by a couple of experienced players looking for a new home that we found on Executus.

Our Goals
Progression raiding (including heroic) on a schedule of 3 days per week in a relaxed atmosphere. (Not bleeding edge progression, but completing all content at a reasonable pace)
Providing a fun gaming atmosphere for the members of the guild.


GM and Raid lead has extensive raid leading experience across all difficulty levels.
Raid lead for 25 man guild through all BC content up to Muru in Sunwell Plateau.
Raid lead for 25 man guild through all tier 7 content (wrath)
Co-lead for Ulduar 10 man hard mode only guild.
Raid lead for server pug group for TOC10 and ICC10 completing each.
Co-lead for all cataclysm content up to DS when we took a break from the game.

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: 8 - 11:30

Currently recruiting all Roles

Other Info
We are not looking at forming a guild with massive amounts of players. We are looking to form up the core of a quality raid group and a few other players to fill the ranks where you can meet new players and develop some great online acquaintances. If our ambitions in a guild match yours feel free to whisper Saintsaen or Steerstomp in game. If we are not available at that moment please drop one of us an in-game mail and we will be in contact with you. Please have vent because we ask that all new members talk with us to make sure our future goals are aligned.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Liking the raid schedule, definitely interested will pm in game.
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85 Goblin Hunter
yes. i notice your raiding times will work out for. i have 3 85's atm and is currently looking to transfer from a pst srver to est server to match my times. i'll be levling my hunter first unless ur currently in need of a dk dps ms / tank os (will switch tank if need be), or a shammy healing ms/ enhancement dps os.

Cata progression, (Spliffa) Hunter 8/8 nm Ds, (Twinklenads) Shammy 8/8 nm ds 1/8 hm, (Ånimàl) dk last progression was 12/12nm from the first 3 raids. but do know the fights, and do research class/spec, and strats for the fight.

i have my mop pre-oreder but wont be able to pick it up until after work, and currently have basic internet until next month when my internet company updated satillite is operational so, i be currently leveling in the process. until the my internet is updated. And atm i can only transfer 1 toon for the time being.
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