Remembering the halcyon days of twink pvp

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I took a scroll of resurrection recently and tried doing some leveling and it got me remembering how much fun I had on twinks, I still have a few of them even though the changes to gear made in cata (and the inclusion of heirlooms) have rendered them pretty much obsolete.

I know a lot of people weren't fans of twinking, not fair to people just trying to pop in to a few games to get some gear to expedite leveling. Or the case was often made lol ur too bad to pvp at <insert max level>. For me it was just another fun min-maxing grind that allowed some creativity with gear and specs, everything wasn't laid out for you on arena junkies or EJ and there were decisions to be made. And often it got quite competitive because often during prime time hours you were going up against other (usually terrible) twink guilds, but every now and again you'd face an organized group that knew what they were doing.

The game kind of passed twinking by in a lot of ways. Originally you didn't get mounts until 40, WSG and AB were played much differently in the 19s 29s and 39s. Also signature abilities like shadowstep weren't available until much later. Warriors didn't get get mortal strike until 40 so in the 39s bracket a popular spec was 2h fury using slam. There were no heirlooms, so a lot of time was spent grinding instances and rare mobs for gear. I ran my hunter through sunken temple hundreds of times on a friend's feral to get a chest piece with a certain affix for example. Forget how many times I ran Uldaman (fruitlessly) for the chance at a pendulum of doom.

A few of my twinks either got deleted or I leveled up (it's too bad, I had a 49 shockadin during TBC that eventually was leveled to 70, this was when healing and damage and healing were different stats). But here are a few that I still have.

Probably the one that I played the most. Amazing amount of consistent DPS due, primarily due to dual wielding Ribsplitters with +30 int enchants (this was when hunters had a mana mechanic), also the way that aspect of the viper worked it was very quick to go back to full mana in about 10 seconds without stopping combat. Also lots of CC, traps, scatter shot (when survival), concussive shot, ravager pet knockdown, Netherweave Net, tidal charm. Feign death and shadowmeld to drop off people's targets and interrupt spell casting. Looking at the gear you can't really tell how good it was since the stats and levels changed so much. Readiness for double disengage when I don't think people were used to that mechanic.

I think the one I was most proud of. A lot of the gear retained the original stats as well it seems. I got the Pendulum (at the time probably one of if not the most expensive items in the game) from someone on the forums that saw I was looking for one for 400g. I wasn't sure whether or not to make a warrior or paladin at the time. Mixel got one at around the same time and made a warrior, so I went paladin (also because of the prospect of huge seal of command procs). It was really a blast to play, great to solo queue with because of blessing of freedom/bubble/a little bit of healing. The burst damage was incredible.

Seal of command's proc rate was normalized to the speed of the weapon (which used to be one of the only 4.0 speed weapons in the game). So the slower the weapon, the higher the proc rate. This applied to instant attacks as well, which is why if you ever played a 19 warrior with crusader you would spam hamstring as one of your only instants for extra crusader procs. Seal of command could 'proc' off of white swings, but also off of the pendulum proc, which was modified by your attack power. It also worked vice versa, where the pendulum proc could proc off of seal of command. So basically there were times where on one white swing, you'd have 4 or more attacks (white, seal of command proc, pendulum proc, seal of command proc etc). when these would crit, they'd hit for as much as 800 each, so we're talking sometimes 3k damage without even using a global, more than enough to 1 shot even a twinked warrior/paladin.

continued... (I didn't know my aspberger's was so bad)
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49 Night Elf Hunter
I think most people would have been tempted to gear more for strength and crusader or mongoose. I went with flat agility gear and enchants for a couple reasons. Agility was modified by kings, so you had +110% right off the bat, this is also why I went with alchemy for +5 all stats on the trinket, and mark of the chosen was great as well, that buff was up more often than not. I also wasn't going to be swinging a lot, fights only lasted a couple of seconds so the majority of crusader/mongoose would have been wasted. Crits were also a big deal not only for damage, but to keep vengeance up (a stacking buff every time you crit that I believe added 15% to your overall damage at 5 stacks), so it was very important to get up to 5 stacks as quickly as possible, not easy with a 4.0 speed weapon. I wish I could play just one more WSG with this guy.

Kind of a half assed attempt at a 39. The gear was good, the only thing I question now looking back as the savagery enchant. I think the thing was I was just trying to raise this guy's damage potential in burst situations as high as possible. Look at how good staff of jordan is compared to pendulum though. I never understood why people wasted pendulums on shaman. Don't get me wrong, PoD was a solid upgrade, but you could get an SoJ for 100g and use the pendulum on a class that couldn't use staves like warrior/paladin. When a triple crit windfury went off this guy could do upwards of 2500 damage, so that was fun. But yeah, didn't even bother with professions, terrible.

It's definitely something I miss about WoW. I just can't get into 85 PVP because I missed a couple expansions and don't have the time to learn all the new mechanics. Oh, and the skills, there are way too many skills now to have true proper keybinds, just something you didn't have to worry about in 49s.

I'd love to see any twinks that you guys may have, peave Kirin Tor.
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27 Blood Elf Paladin
Qian! I'm glad I could find someone from BL so quickly through Google. I just started playing again this week after being gone for 5/6 years~ If you get this, let me know and we can link up again.
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49 Night Elf Hunter
Damn dude. Yeah I haven't played much since TBC, a little bit during Wrath and the last expansion. A few of us from BL/Seraphic are playing super casual on Mal'Ganis horde. Look up Team Rocket, MG Horde.
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