-=Embassy of Defiance=-
- Is a new guild I have recently started to do 25man raids, I have lead a lot of old raids, current DS25 mans and Firelands, in my opinion I love 25mans more than 10man, so if you are looking to get into 25man raiding again like old times for ICC,Uld even ToTC25, you are more than welcome to join.
- We are in need of : Healers , Dps and One tank, there is no requirements to join but Vent, 25mans are ment to let everyone in guild to have a chance so if you are looking towards 25man raiding in MoP you know where to find us.
- I will still be leading old content for Ulduar,ICC,Firelands and DS for those achievement mounts.

Note : I will be editing this from time to time adding on more info. This is just starters because new guild.