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Since many of our raiders left for more populated servers or faction-transferred to raid on horde-side, Afterlight would like to repopulate its ranks once more. We are looking for raiders to round out our first raid team and to fill a second raid team. We'd like experienced players but what we need the most are people committed to help us progress into new content. We are also looking to fill the general membership with casual players who would like a friendly guild to progress and socialize with during their game play.

For raiding, we currently need: 1 tank and 1-2 caster dps for Group 1. All roles for Group 2.

Group 1 will mostly be raiding on weekends: Fri-Sat, 7pm server. We're trying to put together Group 2 for those that prefer to raid during the week, also around 7pm server. We are currently focusing on Mogu'shan Vaults.

Our only real requirements are as follows: Don't start any drama and don't stand in the fire. Knowing how to listen to instructions and coming to raids prepared are also appreciated. A mic for Vent is not necessary but we would require you to listen.

Our guild has been around for many years now and is one of the older raiding guilds remaining on the server. We are mature people with a good understanding of game/class mechanics. We would be able to assist new players in picking up the game and their class, while also providing guidance or advice for seasoned players looking to maximize their performance. The majority of officers have been around since the 40-mans of Vanilla. I, myself, have been playing since the Molten Core days, though I did not apply to Afterlight until after that.

The guild dissolved during my recruitment process and I was instead sent to Empyrean, a spin-off guild of Afterlight. I stayed with Empyrean until I was told by a former Afterlighter that Frozz had started up the guild again. I've been in Afterlight since and have seen my share of guild leaders come and go. The guild has now been placed in my hands and I hope to revive it to its former glory. I do run a tight ship for raids, for the sake of progression, but I still urge raiders to keep it fun since that is why we do what we do. And for phat loots, of course.

Many of our members like to run dungeons/heroics or level alts together. Some of us even go back to the old raids for transmog items on a regular basis. Whether you are just looking for a guild to call home or would like a casual but successful raiding environment, please contact me or one of the officers listed below.

Rhulain - GM
Alts: Sarirae, Firble, Hanasai, Perkle, Piddi

Alts: Rhaeziel, Aylora, Aera

Alts: Karee, Louse, Bosly, Fuggel

Alts: Manajar, Jericht, Vodian

Thank you for your time,

Edited by Rhulain on 11/16/2012 3:59 PM PST
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Got some new blood in but still recruiting, if anyone else is interested.
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Bump. Still need some more!
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Do it, we have punch and pie.
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Weeded out some applicants and updated what we need for our group.
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Bump. Cause I can.
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