Hi all. With the launch of Mists, new achievements will be heading our way. <Enter Guild Name Here> is looking to recruit members so that we can complete as many Mists achievements as possible. We will be focusing specifically on the new Mists achievements.

We are currently a small guild with a small core group of players. We want to expand so that our new focus on our guild will be attainable. We will focus on both guild and individual achievements.

We have always been a family friendly guild (many of us having elementary school age children) that understands the pressures of real life and commitments. We currently have set up Monday nights as our achievement nights and Wednesday as our LFR nights. We don't require that you show up to these events, only that when you are on, you are having a good time with no in-game pressures to worry about.

If interested or want to know more, please message any toon in <EGNH> or leave a message here.