Altoholic Anonymous is on the PvE server Thunderhorn.

We are looking for couples, kids, and anyone able to act like a decent person. Originally our guild was just for my wife and I to store our crafting mats but over time that has changed. I have noticed recently that more and more children and women are often not allowed into guilds. Not mature enough or they cause drama are some of the excuses I see. As someone that has been playing MMOs for a decade I can safely say that children (15 and under) and women are rarely issues.

Although we never planned on being a real guild I decided to change that and invited some people on the server that asked to join. It took all of 5 minutes for them to use multiple racial slurs and I can’t tolerate that. Not only because it goes against everything I believe in but because my son who is 3 ½ is playing as well and although he can’t read yet it wont be long and I never want to have to explain why someone is speaking that way.

So what do we want? Anyone and everyone that can control themselves and have fun in Warcraft. My hope is that someday we will be able to get enough people that want to raid and pvp but with understanding people have lives.

If you are interested you can contact a member in game, send me a message in game (Blaux), email me or check out our website