Principality of Zeon ( is a long standing 10man raiding guild (8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul) on the Dunemaul server. We have a fantastic set of core raiders and are currently looking to add a few to the list.

We are looking for active players to hit the ground running in MoP and begin raiding ASAP

Raiding Schedule:
Currently our specific raiding days are being revised as MoP is released, but we do raid at 8pm EST - 12pm EST.


Principality of Zeon is looking for dedicated raiders particularly of the following classes/specs:

    • Druid - Resto or Balance
    • Priest - Shadow
    • Shaman - Elemental
  • Requirements:

    - Able to listen
    - Able to use vent (and preferably speak over it)
    - Consistent Attendance
    - Mature and not easily offended (We are a social guild and topics/humor vary)

    In Game Contacts: Loreck, Xevian, Nakjorn, Saintajora