Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

90 Undead Mage
I'm really disappointed if the Theramore scenario is the only thing Blizzard has planned for the pre-release MoP event. To be honest, I would have expected much more considering the amount of subscriber loses they have taken in the past 3 quarters alone. The scenario itself is fine, considering they are going to do it anyways there is no point in complaining about it. But where is the build up? Story wise there has been no REAL Alliance/Horde conflicit in Cata leading up to MoP, the expansion they claim they are trying to bring the WAR back to World of Warcraft.

Also consider we have not had any new content since the release of 4.3 last November, and they have canceled Blizzcon this year for similar reasons. It has been stated that they could have done a big sea battle event prior to the release of MoP, but they decided to instead work on "new features" for the expansion instead. This is a pretty lame exuse considering that all of their previous expansions have had a pre-release event and for the most part have been extremely succesful (save for backsliding in Cata).

Now if all we were going to get from 5.0.4 was the Theramore scenario prior to MoP release, I really don't understand why we wouldn't get it until a week before its release. It makes more sense if they were going to incrament minor outpost conflicts and major capitol attacks leading up to the last week of having the scenario that culminates in the destruction of Theramore. But without all that, it just feels like they took story that was intended for a later part of MoP (5.1 or 5.2?), scaled it down to lvl 85, and are throwing it at us so we can't say they didn't do anything at all.

I have been playing since a couple months after Vanilla released and overall have been happy with this game. I have enjoyed every event they have managed to cook up. I'm not going to go all rageface here and say "GG Blizz you just lost another sub!", but they are risking a lot here by saying "Look, we can't give you an awesome pre-release event this time, because we are making the expasion even more awesome." It is quite the razor's edge they have put themselves on if MoP isn't well recieved, because everyone is going to be asking "If this is all we got, then why couldn't you have even slapped something together for the end of Cata?!?"

All that said I'm excited for the new expansion and seriously hope it doesn't prove to be a horrendous let down considering the time put into it.

Take in note that a lot of PvP ended in Wrath (due to teaming up to take down the Lich King) and same as in Cataclysm, Alliance and Horde we're still enemies, but not all "let's go bomb this city" which is what is happening with the whole Theramore Isle event; which so happens to stir the PvP back up, and by the end of this expansion (I think) the whole Alliance-Horde conflict won't be as serious as it was back in Vanilla/BC but while MoP plays through, the conflict will be pretty high up. Then, once again, Horde and Alliance team up-ish to make sure Garrosh dies and such.

If anything though, I'm a little disappointed with the reward horde gets, a mini-mana bomb, c'mon now. Always I found when I looked back at the events (never really experienced any of them) I always had that feel "Man, that would've been awesome to experience" but you cant anymore. The only thing that has me thinking this is lame is that you'll still be able to do it at level 90. If it was September 18-24 or 25 or whenever, then never again, that'd be cool.
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100 Human Mage
Funny thing is, Scenarios last like a whole 10 minutes if that.

This isn't an event. This is just a little irrelevant addition to the game to make people play a bit more before their expansion. Give them a TINY bit of content to set the mode, and we're good.

Disappointing on so many levels.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Well, I guess I don't have to park in Theramore waiting for the armada to arrive anymore... :)

(This isn't the whole pre-launch event though, is it? Considering the history of pre-launch events I hope not... o.o)
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42 Draenei Warrior
What happens to the quests I have in that zone for that base? Are they going to "phase-shift" the zone? I have some 85 characters on both sides.
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58 Orc Death Knight
What i wanna know is.. will the stupid ilvl requirement be there when it's opened up?

you're basically screwing alot of potential MoP buyers with that.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
I assumed there would be Horde and Alliance raids on cities from NPC raid groups and rewards for defending your city.

I guess instead Alliance can play the losing side of a battle as a taste for MoP.
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90 Undead Mage
Honestly, I am VERY disappointed with both the character level and iLvl restrictions on the Theramore event. Personally I have characters that meet the requirement, so I'll be able to see it from both sides, so it's absolutely not about that. It's more that there has been no indication of anything else happening as part of this "world" event, so you're only serving 353+ geared 85s with this.

Many people, particularly new players, are going to be excluded. World events in the past were fun because there were at least a few things you could do at different levels. I'm not saying that the attack/defense of Theramore needs to be open to lvl 10 toons, but rather that there should be SOMETHING for everyone to do.

Maybe the under-40s could rescue wounded soldiers, or provide some kind of behind-the-lines support? Perhaps there might be a few quests related to the world event - things that make under-40s feel like they're participating in some small way? What about having lower level skirmishes and attacks in the Barrens as the Horde makes its advance, similar to what happened in the Jaina Proudmoore novel by Golden... is there seriously NOTHING like that for lowbies to see and do until MoP activates?

What about very new lvl 85s that are going to feel cheated by exclusion? Can you really get from around 320 iLvl to 353 in a week? Sure, but it just reinforces for new players that the game isn't about exploration, taking time to roleplay through things, etc... it's ALL about the gear level and getting to "endgame" stats.

Isn't the main point of the Theramore attack/defense supposed to be a LORE event, hence roleplay and fun times for all? Restrictions and content only for 85s is really just poor execution... because it's not a "world" event, it's just an 85+ gear-restricted scenario.

VERY disappointed.

I see what you're trying to say, but, if I recall correctly, to get tripping the rifts, you had to be max level (unless you got someone to help you), because those elementals were high level. I don't exactly remember, as I didn't have a level 80 then, but I do see where you're getting at. The world should change for everyone and not just 85s with a certain IL, being that it's a world event. I mean, what can you do? Blizzard ain't gonna go and change up their whole plan a week before the expansion. Sad but true. :(
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90 Pandaren Mage
Cata sucked on almost every level, ( minus 1-60, imo ) it's only fitting that the expansion event be underwhelming.

Here's hoping the actual expansion will make all our woes go away
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There must be some sort of competition going on at Blizzard. Like, let's see who can come up with the lamest ideas. It's amazing how dramatically subpar the game has come within just a couple of years. Rehashed content, unfinished models, and "expansions" getting smaller and smaller. I'm really hoping the best for MoP, but I won't nearly be surprised if it is another disappointment.

Also, I'm really excited to be a part of an event where we're guaranteed to lose...
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90 Human Priest
Pretty disappointed with the ilvl requirement. I guess I won't be doing it on all my alts.
Not a good start to MOP Blizzard.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I'd like to re-emphasize that they advertised this event as coming in the "weekS" before mop... emphasis on the "s" there.

While i'm still excited to see the scenario, I must throw in my agreement with the disappointed views expressed thus far.
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90 Undead Mage
I hope this is in the LFR tool. Actually this event should be everyone that is 85, no group needed.
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100 Tauren Shaman
WTB scenarios for The Dark Portal opening, the Undercity Quest chain and the Zombie Invasion.

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100 Human Paladin
Would I be spoiled in anyway if I play it now at level 85?
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100 Night Elf Hunter

There must be some sort of competition going on at Blizzard. Like, let's see who can come up with the lamest ideas. It's amazing how dramatically subpar the game has come within just a couple of years. Rehashed content, unfinished models, and "expansions" getting smaller and smaller. I'm really hoping the best for MoP, but I won't nearly be surprised if it is another disappointment.

Also, I'm really excited to be a part of an event where we're guaranteed to lose...

I think that is the funniest thing. Why would anyone who is Alliance do this when they know they will lose.

So Alliance should be excited for an event where we lose and see the Horde beat us.

Of course since Blizzard Devs play Horde they probably never thought that would bother anyone.

WTB an event that we can win. Some Horde attacks on SW or other cities where we actually win the battles.
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