Dps are crying nerf

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09/11/2012 09:54 AMPosted by Cørvus
i dont feel an entitlement to not be soloable simply by the class i chose to play unlike you obviously...

You do realize a healer is meant to...... wait for it...... heal, right? HEAL. That is what they DO. They don't do DPS to you, they HEAL themselves. If only we could heal the enemy to death!!

Just to add a note about how crappy DPS really are. I was on my newly 85 horde disc priest. I have 117k hp on said priest, about 54% resi (I have a few pieces of cata gear and the crafted blues). I was with our FC and another dps. A group of THREE alliance players comes barging in to our flag room and chaos ensues. With my meager 117k hp self, I thought ohh crap! But not ONE OF THEM targeted me. I was able to keep the FC and other dps alive (I went oom though at the very end) through proper use of fear when I was struggling to keep the FC alive.

I don't know if they didn't view me as a threat since I had very low HP, but whatever the case, that is DPS for you and THAT is why DPS think healers are too OP.
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IMO it isn't healing people are pissed off by, I mean yes some people cry that they can't solo a healer but we all know they are bads, it is the insane amount of self-heals for non-healing classes coupled with the numerous "oh !@#$" macros/abilities/talents that people have now.

Essentially, if a dps has a healer they are almost impossible to kill because of their own healing/"oh %^-*" macros and then people say it is the healer that is OP. If they hard nerfed non-healing spec'd and non-healing classes healing abilities then the they wouldn't be complaining.

However; none of them would want this because if you took away second wind, victory rush, leech poison, feint death, deterrence, recuperate, lichborne heals etc there would so much rage.
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