[A] Looking for weekend raiding guild

90 Gnome Warrior
I've been playing since WoW beta back in November 2004. I've been playing Mage and Shaman for the past years, but for MoP I am going to play Warrior.

I'm looking for a guild for a warrior (DPS or Prot) for weekend raiding.

Thanks. Feel free to reach me in-game.
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about 4 things wrong with this post, and i'll briefly hit you with them:

1. You are posting on an obvious ALT so potentially whoever is looking at these forums and has a guild that is recruiting and needs warrior dps sees this post, it does nothing for them. You have no achievements, no raid clears, no track record on that toon. So no potential recruiting is going to take you considering they don't know if you can even play a warrior.

2. Been playing since beta 2004? Post your main toons so recruiting guilds can see what kind of track history you have with raiding. As a precursor, I wouldn't touch anyone for a raid spot who doesn't have at least 5 tiers of continuous raiding history behind their belt. Sorry but they enhance/nerf classes and talents with each raid tier and if you take breaks every other tier, you're not only unreliable but you are behind the learning curve. Post your other toons so people know who you are and what your track record is.

3. What times days are you looking for with raiding. Posting an availability gives a raid leader or guild officer an idea of what they are working with and whether or not you fit into there schedule. I doubt you will be even lucky to find a weekend raiding guild on Uldum. The majority of what is left of progression raiding guilds clear during the monday through friday time period.

4. Have you considered looking at another server, just trying to give an alternative option. Like I said, i've been looking for 4 years now for a weekend raiding guild and haven't been able to find one that doesn't die within 2 weeks or never gets off the ground. What guild are on uldum are ones that have been around for a while and like i said in point 3, they do weekday clearing, not weekends. My suggestion is maybe you outta consider rerolling on another server.

Just my opinion take it or leave it.
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90 Gnome Warrior

Ok, sorry...!
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