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92 Orc Warrior
Greetings! Dark Democracy is again opening its doors looking for members to raid 25 mans in Mists of Pandaria. We are looking for people who are committed, want to be a part of a long standing guild and who above all want to have fun.

For years Dark Democracy has made its home on Durotan since the open of the server and we will be here until the very end. We have achieved stable raiding in 40 mans during Classic defeating Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Most of AQ40 and even ventured a little bit into that version of Naxx. During Burning Crusade we worked hard and achieved Hand of A'dal titles for our raiders. Pre 3.0, we were able to take down Kalecgos as well, and after the patch we did clean out the rest of the content. In Wrath we pushed on and in our last few weeks of raiding before we called a break before Cata we achieved horde first Glory of the Icecrown Raider for our raid team. Cataclysm came prompting a shift into 10 man teams which also did extremely well including defeating Heroic Madness of Deathwing.

Now we move back into 25 man raiding for Mists. Raids will take place on Monday and Thursdays from 8:30-11:30 EST. Great for those who don't want to be raiding 5 nights a week, and also for our west coast players that like to call Durotan home. Loot distribution will be done via EPGP. Mumble is our voice program of choice and we do have a vent server as backup if needed. This raiding team will be built on 4 goals working as one pyramid with the first being the most important. Each goal beyond should always move back to the base. The goals are:
-Have Fun
-See the content
-Complete the raid achievements
-Deck out our chars with epic loot

Those goals are what we offer any prospective member who wants to be part of this team. Also the benefit of having a stable guild that will be here for a long time still. For those who want to join this is what we expect of our raiders:
-Know your class and role. We will help you with what we can, but basic mechanics and how to get out of the fire we cannot teach you.
-To be on time 10 minutes before raid begins. We pull at 8:30, not anytime after.
-Come prepared with your gear gemmed, enchanted and have flasks/elixirs if needed.
-Know the boss fights ahead of time. We will do a quick review when needed on how we will do a boss especially for new content, but nobody should go in blind.
-Let us know when you'll be missing or late to a raid.
-Take ownership of your own mistakes. If I screw up, I will admit it. I expect no less of the people I raid with.

That being said our plans for the next few months are to test out our new abilities and skills starting on Tuesday. Once MoP is released we will take the raid times set to ensure we are doing group runs and preparing the best we can before we start to raid. We will begin raiding on Thur Oct 25th tentatively. Depending on how quickly our members gear and level determines if we raid earlier.

So that being said how does one join? Please visit our website www.darkdemocracy.net. You can choose to register and apply by posting an application in the app forum, or if registering for the site isn't your cup of tea then you can email it as well and we will post it on your behalf. (Please note that if you have questions posed to you on our open app forum, you will still need to reply). In the event the website is down either contact Ortgrale/Aramachas in game, or send an email to darkdemocracy@gmail.com.

We are not just opening the doors for raiders, if you are interested in joining as a general member to have a good home for Mists and beyond, please contact me in game or through the website.
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90 Human Paladin
Dark Democracy? I love those guys!

Good luck to my fave Horde guild.
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92 Orc Warrior
Tank positions full
Still need Healers
Some Ranged DPS
Couple more Melee DPS

All classes open as long as you can do damage or heal.
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92 Orc Warrior
Still looking for raiders, roster is coming together but still want some people who want to hav efun and see the content, do their job and not be elitist.
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90 Human Hunter
bump for DD
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90 Night Elf Warrior
The bumps for the Dark Democracy. It would be nice to see a true 25 man raiding guild on the Horde side.
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91 Blood Elf Paladin
Hey ort i'm looking to raid with you guys next xpac, Going to be rolling holy pal.
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