Naywearer's Clotherie: All Nude Revue

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All over de lan'... de peoples be talkin'...

The Blue Recluse, packed full of mid-evening bodies, pipe smoke billowing in unconcerned and unrelenting threads. A leather-clad gent sits at a dusky table with arms folded churlishly over the military stripes lining his chest, while a broad-shouldered Gilnean scowls beside him.

"...out of nowhere. Thought they'd gone the way of the Foreststrider. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there myself. Almost didn't til one of 'em took my ear." The Worgen tilts his head, displaying a ragged head wound in the flickering light. The human frowns, sniffing.

"Coterie huh. Hope you're mistaken, friend. Last thing we need..."


Life stirs in the depths of Uldum, where life ought not. Slithering unseens writhe and wriggle away from shafts of dank lantern light as twin Forsaken crawl along forgotten twists and turns, scribbling their findings on parchment.

"...Coterie's back, you know." The first, a quite dead fellow with belts over his face, marks a depth change on his map, eyelessly peering to his companion.

"The Wayfarer's? Ran with them two... three years ago. Good folk. We should look 'em up, soon as we're out of THIS filthy dirtpit."

Beltface scoffs, patting down the sandy surface of a wall that had seen no hand in ages. "Right. Just what I want. To start at the bottom of some old military club. I'm not one to take orders, no thanks."

"Oh no. They aren't military. Just an order of companions. There's no bottom to start from. Everyone is equal. Organizers, sure, but nobody's breathin' down your neck..."


A pair of Sin'dorei mates twirl and twist around one another on a polished wooden dance floor, the world around them a blur while up-tempo music drones from a corner. Other couples waltz beside them, each group drifting across the floor like lilies in a slow-moving whirlpool. Merriment and laughter peak out, the Silvermoon Ball a stunning success.

"...hunt down old Leo myself. He's -got- to have a place for me. Someplace where I can have companions, but retain my independence. Father and brother would never forgive me if I dropped the family name."

"Hush beloved. They have forgiven you for worse things. Just... are you certain? You've had your training, yes, but you've only just begun making a name for yourself. Would the Coterie accept one as un-tempered as even you?"

A dip, a whirl, and a brief kiss before the tune alters, along with the steps.

"Said on the flier that the Coterie accepts veterans and fledgling adventurers alike. Can't hurt to ask round. We need friends, especially during days such as these."
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90 Pandaren Warrior

The Wayfarer's Coterie are a group of misfit idiots who one day got the bright idea to guild up and try to fight an angry lad with cold pants. A couple of the members are old 'Vanilla' veterans, but we have some newcomers to the game as well. I myself have been at it since 06.

We've taken a brief pause during Cataclysm, but now we're catching up and trying to flesh out our numbers for the upcoming expansion.


From the Coterie, you can expect to be treated as an equal, as a friend, the second you can see our green text. We log into this game to be part of a community, and do our best to make ourselves available and useful to other players. Bickering is inevitable, but we resolve our disputes as quickly and diplomatically as possible. Everybody has the right to enjoy themselves. We honor ourselves and our guild by being amiable and patient when the time calls for it.

We are not a military organization structured by tiers, with commanders or peons. We are just an Order of heroes, each with our own backgrounds and histories, who band together when the doing needs done. When you join, you maintain your individualism and bring YOUR history and YOUR story and YOUR ideas to our annals.

Adventure Time, Cmon grab your Friends!

So what do we do? Rp, certainly. We try to take the lead when there is downtime, coming up with both large events and little scenarios to try and involve as many of the brilliant writers that play this game as possible. Expect to see shy newcomers invited to open up, and grumpy old hands welcomed to reminisce.

Raiding, as soon as we are capable. The instant we've filled out to ten capable raiders, we're going to start looking at the newest content. Same goes for 25, and so forth. The only restriction we have to where we go are our numbers. Our core group is usually available starting at 6 server, and continues on until the wee hours of the morning. We want to have a regular raid schedule, players permitting.

Dungeoning, scenarios, levelling assistance! About 80% of the Wayfarer's Coterie actually love playing this game. We're always running SOMETHING, if its to help someone season up quickly, or grind out that last trinket before Dragon Soul, the Coterie are willing to help both guildmates and friends alike. We make progress, and though I've been gone for most of Cata, we have some really experienced members, willing to stand up and step forward.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try! Check out myself, or Auraelith or Raptorius. Drop one of us a letter or a whisper. Already in a guild? Contact us anyway! We'll gladly make room in our routine for friends, regardless of affiliation.

We cannot give without receiving. We cannot share what we do not have inside. It is this quiet, the peace between breaths, that makes us what we truly are. Gives us strength for all our journeys.
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Woo! More RP guilds. <bump>
90 Night Elf Hunter
Bump for RPs! :D
90 Pandaren Warrior
~ Les Bumperables ~

'The best augurs are those who divine from the portents of the past.'
100 Blood Elf Warlock
Bump for scones.
90 Pandaren Warrior

Love will find its way
through paths where wolves fear to prey.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Bump for...something. Someone'll figure it out.
90 Blood Elf Mage
I'm nice! I answer questions too! I also helped with the chilly pants man. He was fun, we should visit him again sometime.

Also, is this the place to apply for "Director of Fun"?
90 Pandaren Warrior
I'd check you for references, but all your REALID friends are fake.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'm not fake, I just rig elections. Usually with large bags of sand.
90 Pandaren Warrior
Obligatory self-promotional bump.

Revenge is a disguise for other, more valid emotional responses.
90 Pandaren Warrior
To the top with you.
90 Night Elf Hunter
It's official. I like you people.

If I had an unguilded Hordie, I'd join you, but I've been claimed. >.>

So, instead, LE BUMP.
Ill be contacting you today!
90 Pandaren Warrior
@ Tyrynna: Hey! We like you too. Preowned or not.

@ Gorelik: Yes, looking forward to it!
100 Blood Elf Mage
My other half is looking for a home for his hunter, and my hunter's homeless too. but he'll be poking you guys after he gets home from work tonight.
90 Pandaren Warrior
We're all about government funded housing.

All about it.
90 Orc Hunter
Are you 'bout Gov'ment cheese though?

90 Orc Hunter
I'm Brae's better half, by the way, which could indicate some self-esteem issues.
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