Order of the Dragon Hosts: Theramore Isle RP

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All the fun stuff happens on the days I work. :(
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09/10/2012 09:04 AMPosted by Yarrick
it was great to see DMV on the field again its been to long since our wars in the highlands or the video ive my brave solo defense of Ironforge lol. good times i hope events like these will pull you guys away from GW2.

For those wondering here is recorded Yarrick's "solo" defending of Ironforge:


The nice thing about GW2 having no sub is many of us can still be subbed to WoW and come to these kind of events if given notice. :)
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ohh man it has been way to long since i saw that video. its great the one man healing army / target dummy lol.
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With the Theramore scenario going live on the 18th i want to remind everyone to get the Theramore Tabbard that are a part of this event. They will let you summon the Theramore banner which we will be covering Kalimdor with on the 23rd.
Edited by Yarrick on 9/14/2012 9:32 AM PDT
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85 Orc Warrior
*Rides on his worg alone to the bridge leading toTheramore*

Our worgs are well fed... Our men and women well armed... Our thirst of battle, still demands more blood.

You claim you will fight back? Attack the great orc city of Kalimdor? BAH! Look at the waters before your great port city. See how it still carries the bodies of your soldiers. Carrions still eating their flesh. That is the future of your people. And we the Blacktooth grin will make sure that these waters... will stay red.
*Plants the banner of the Blacktooth Grin clan*

Fear the grin!
*Rides off and yells with all his might!*
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*a massive Red Proto Drake Lands ontop of the bridges archway*

"The insanity of Garrosh truly knows no bounds. so many innocent lives lost because of his hate." Yarrick looks over what is left of Theramore. The broken and burnt bodies of its defenders now litter the ground even the spirits of the land cry out in pain.

*Yarrick sees the Blacktooth Grin banner of the other side of the bridge and lands next to it. he communes with nearby spirits to see the evil that planted the banner*

A snarl creeps across Yarricks face as he speaks "The Grin will pay for the part they played in the deaths of so many." The old dwarf looks at his trusted mount and says "Rygol call to the rest of the Order" The dwarf grips the Grins banner "We will Avenge Theramore!" Yarrick breaks the orcish banner and tosses it aside. "the Order is coming for you and the Grin will know Fear!!"
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Wow i want to thank everyone that came out to this event it was insane. i think we had at its peak 60v60 all veco. this type of WPVP should be common place and the Order of the Dragon plan to host many more large scale events like this.

There are quite a few guilds to list them all off but i do want to thank rode from the grin in perticular for getting the horde defense raid together and for doing his best to keep the griefers at bay.
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