Sorry about Dmg

90 Human Death Knight
Nobody cares, but just to clarify on Dmg's CONSTANT trade spam.

He was in <Innovation> and asked daily/hourly/every chance that he got to have access to the guild bank, after being in the guild for a matter of days. He then proceeded to ask why the tabs were empty, I had it as the message of the day, and explained multiple times that we're making room for MoP mats to aid the level 90's with gearing/gemming/enchanting/etc. and didn't want him to use it as his garbage can (which he was already doing with our misc. full-access tab that was full)

Anyways...he wasn't happy that I wouldn't give him access to the bank, and started to spam gchat, and myself with whispers so I removed him from the guild.

I think you can all understand why I would remove such a person from the guild...and I apologize deeply for not knowing who he was and that he would respond in this way.

If you would be so kind, put in a GM ticket for his constant spam because it's getting very disruptive to myself getting whispered by everybody asking what's going on when they don't actually care.

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85 Dwarf Paladin
Cool Story Bro
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90 Human Death Knight
Sweet, one other person posts on the forums. Are you new to Dragonblight? Welcome!
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85 Tauren Hunter
Is he that bad? I want to see how much he spams... xD
Edited by Cowhunter on 8/27/2012 6:55 PM PDT
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
If you would have promoted him to officer, none of this would have happened.
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90 Orc Warrior
Why am I not surprised to see Dmg still around?
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100 Night Elf Hunter
i remember when Dmg was in icecrown day after day spamming bull for over a week. i think hes been given many 3 day bans but keeps coming back and doing it again. sad thing is blizzard wont fully ban him since hes not breaking a rule that would get him banned for life.
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90 Worgen Druid
Well that's what you get for letting him in the guild. Well known troll.
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90 Human Death Knight
09/15/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Kohmeediyan
Well that's what you get for letting him in the guild. Well known troll.

Newer to the realm, I had no idea. Good to know now though.

The spamming seems to have stopped, so highfive.
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90 Human Warrior
Haha He's in my guild, he doesn't seem so bad...
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85 Draenei Shaman
He has been unstable for years.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I have never been able to stand Dmg. I have been on this server since the beginning and when Dmg came along, he wanted EVERYTHING done his way, on his time table. Everything he says is the truth and anything else anyone else says was a lie (his way of thinking).

There has been many a nights where I have repeatedly had to tell Dmg to shut up in Trade Chat. He would always spam for raids, usually in all caps. (before you say "Why don't you ignore him?" I do but I still see other people complaining about him.)
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90 Pandaren Monk
It wasn't his constant spamming, he was also very offensive to a guildie of mine :P
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Saw him out in the new questing zone, started mouthing off in general.

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