Hello fellow hunters or players browsing the hunter forums, before "QQing" I want to say that i am extremely excited for Mists of Pandaria and all of it's content, i believe this expansion is the step in the right direction for Blizzard and will keep WoW in it's prime. However, I wanted to talk about the hunter class (obviously).

It seems as if the only logical choice for a hunter to go in MoP would be PvP which to be honest isn't a whole lot of content, sure theres a new arena and 2 new battlegrounds but i would rather do raid content in a PuG or with my guild since there doesnt seem to be anything new for PvP (with all due respect to hardcore PvPers).

Below is a DPS chart for the future of MoP raiding while it seems like every class has a DPS spec that is above the half-way line, all hunter specs are in the bottom 5 which I find to be extremely embarrassing.


This whole logic on wanting the player to choose his/her own play style is completely disregarded when it comes to the hunter class toward PVE, i dont care about extremely high DPS i just want us to have a fighting chance. I dont think any class should recieve a nerf like this, look at warlocks for example during Cataclysm nobody played a lock due the lack of possible DPS that they could do (PVE wise) and i respect anybody that played through that expansion with their warlock, and yes they are recieving a well earned buff which is great. All i am asking is to be able to be competitive in PVE since i see MoP as a excellent opporitunity, and im sure other hunters out there want to be too, but we need a fighting chance. Sure we had excellent possible DPS in cataclysm but nerfing all of our possible specs to the floor just isn't right. Anyone agree?