[A]<Carried> 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul is LFM!

85 Human Death Knight
<Carried> is an alliance 10m raiding guild on US-Whisperwind. We were formed a few weeks after the start of the expansion, but are composed of players who have deep roots on the server, and have mostly played with each other for some time.

The guild's primary focus is to be a progression-oriented raiding guild. We raid because we enjoy raiding. Raiding is more fun, however, when progress is made, people play well, and, ultimately, bosses are killed. We take raiding seriously because we enjoy doing so.

Our recruitment needs are always for main spots, not bench spots unless explicitly stated otherwise.

We were 7/7 HM in T12 content.
We are 8/8 HM in T13 content.

After a short break from , we’re preparing the team for MoP, beginning with post patch Raiding. Ideally, we’d like to start raiding the first week of MoP as well.

We are currently LF:

High Priority:

Medium Priority:
Dps Warrior

Though All Exceptional Dps Are Encouraged to Apply

What we expect:
-Competitive DPS/HPS. Provide a combat log parse. We will be the judge. If you cannot provide a parse, get one uploaded to World of Logs that you can link before applying. If you do not know what a parse is, do not apply.
-Requisite raid awareness. This goes without saying. Be successful at playing with raid mechanics.
-Reliability. This is more important than any of the above. Be on time and be ready to raid. Real Life takes precedence, but if you cannot reliably commit to our schedule, look elsewhere.
-Ability to take criticism. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone zones out on occasion. We WILL call you out on it. Do not take it personally.
-Motivation. Be active in optimizing and min/maxing your play. Bring only your best to raids. Be active in keeping track of coming changes and new or adjusted boss mechanics or encounters.
-Experience. We are not going to be gearing anyone or teaching anyone anything. We expect you to be able to jump right in and raid from day one.
-Amiability. We are a small and tight-knit guild. We don't expect you to be friends with everyone right off the bat, but be nice, courteous, and respectful. Any antagonizing, rude, or even curt behavior, or any drama at all, rather, will not be tolerated.

What you can expect:
-Performance. We expect every player to bring their best. We have no desire to waste time with individuals putting in less effort than others.
-Progression. Progress WILL be made. There is no point to raiding otherwise.
-The age of the majority of the guild's members is between 21-30.

Specific Information:
-Raid times are currently Tuesday-Thursday, 7pm-11pm server (CST) time. We will also occasionally raid Mondays 7-11 server (CST) time if the content calls for it (happens rarely).
-Guild repairs, feasts and cauldrons are provided for Raid.
-We use a fairly straightforward communal loot system. Loot is given out with the intent to bring about the most benefit to the raid. It is not your loot, it is the raid's loot.
-Occasionally, we run a 10m alt raid on Friday nights from around 7pm server.
-Again, the guild is very small and its members are very close.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, feel free to send a tell to anyone in guild and ask for either Sprawl, Mintchip, or Ikatus. Feel free to add me, Sprawl#1815.

If applying, please have a combat log parse ready for review. We will not consider applicants without one.

If interested, please submit an application ("Recruitment" at the top right of the page) WITH COMBAT LOG PARSE at:
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85 Human Death Knight
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85 Human Death Knight

Druid or Warrior Tank
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85 Draenei Shaman
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85 Human Death Knight
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85 Human Death Knight
Updated Recruit List.
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85 Human Death Knight
Up, LF Hunter
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90 Worgen Druid
I know you are looking for a hunter but if u need a boomy ur times are right for me I am 407ilvl with 8/8h exp and an exeptional player. I also have a resto os. I do have a hunter but i do not want him as my main. contact me in game for more info plz: ddarosa@bell.net
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