Warlock Demon Aggro Bug

100 Undead Warlock
My pet, even with Threatening Presence disabled, is taking the threat of the tank. This hapenned in the last LFR and DS Heroic with Felguard, Succubus (it don't have Threatening Presence) and Grimoire: Felguard. It kills the pet and lowers the DPS.
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100 Human Warlock
Didn't testout with other pets yet, but checkin the aggro list, my tank got a hard time holdin aggro from my pet, it was always in second place on the list, and even got the aggro sometimes. i ended up using GoSac for the time being, because it was annoying for the tank to have that hard time, and annoying to me when the pet died more than once on fights.
Hopefully that can be hotfixed just by adjusting the amount of threat our pets are doing :(
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90 Worgen Warlock
Each tank in the last 3 random HoT's I just ran were complaining about my pets insane threat. I had to dismiss and run w/out. Need a fix asap
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The workaround I found is to turn off TP then resummon your pet. They won't have it on them.
Still needs to be fixed by Blizz however
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