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I'm going to tell you right now, this is my first time posting on the WoW forums. So, when I inevitably do something wrong, I'd appreciate if you would let me know so I can fix it and know for next time.

I'm interested in role playing on World of Warcraft. I've been role playing on forums for years and years, but I'm assuming this is going to be much different. I created a character on this realm, only to have it explained to me that few people actually role play on role play realms anymore. I was hoping to find someone that still does.

Unfortunately, I only have low level characters on this realm at the moment. Like, really low level. My highest level character is level 15. Yeah, that low. I keep meaning to level them up, but I always get distracted.

I'd be willing to use one of the two characters I already have, or make a new one. I wish I had something higher level to role play with, but, unfortunately I don't. I'll work on leveling them while I wait for replies.
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90 Orc Hunter
Let me be the first to tell you that your level has no impact on your quality of RP. I've seen terrible 85s and fantastic level 10s.

Though, my best advice to you is, go elsewhere for your WoW RP fix. I'm ready for people to scream that TB is still a legit RP server, but those are the 'hangers on'. You shouldn't have to search and search for RP or be subjected to subpar RP, either.

I'm not here to stroke Wyrmrest Accord's RPeen, because I played here on TB for years and years, even as it slowly sank from its height. The truth is, RP servers come and go. You can either pretend everything is the same or go with the wind.

Also, I am not saying at all that the RPers that stayed here are bad. I know of quite a few who were great back in the day and still are. It's just less frequent and more scarce to happen upon RP here.
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Alright, thank you. So, I should try Wyrmrest Accord?
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90 Orc Hunter
I'd say so! Like any other RP server, it has its issues, but RP is plentiful and there's a lot more good to outweigh the bad (on Alliance).
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Just wanted to give a quick run down of what I've learned bouncing around on various RP servers.

I'm originally from Silver Hand, which like TB doesn't have a whole lot of actual rp going on (at least horde side) though, I do see a little there (SH) on Alli. I've had characters on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest and Have few here on TB to play with friends.

MG is more well known as an alliance strong RP server, and yes, they are huge. But it is an aquired taste of RP. I know a lot of die hards will say, the gold shire thing isn't them but people trolling; but form my time here on alliance; no its not just trollers. Horde side actually is very pleasant and the people are more mature.

Wra I find to be much more fulfilling. The Orc speaks the truth though, you will find good rp and then you will find horrible rp. So if at first you don't find what you're looking for keep looking; you'll find it. I played Horde while over there, but Alli were always so helpful and nice (being from opposite faction it was kinda creepy), the realm does cross faction events (not pvp based!), there are several Alli guilds there dedicated to helping new people roll on the server (they have monthly events to hand out geare, bags and gold). I highly advise hitting up their forums and introducing yourself, very very nice people there.

I recommend wra and remember. rp won't come to you! make it happen!
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