KCT is looking to make a BLUE raid team. Currently we need the following:
2 tanks
3 healers
3 DPS (ranged or melee)
**1 raid leader is also needed**

The team will have all the benifits the guild provides: chants / food / gems / repairs etc.

Raid times will be voted on by the team once it is put together, but it will raid 3 times per week. So if you want to raid but havent had the chance where you are, then dont waste time and come on in. Once the slots are filled recruiting will stop. Our timeline for MOP is as follows:

SEPT 25: MOP drops
SEPT 25-OCT 2: get to 90
OCT 2-11 get 5 man heroic geared
we will start raiding anytime after the 11th.

We have been on the server for 4 years, have a great reputation and work well with other guilds. We train new raiders, and help those that want to learn. See below for our raid requirements:

1. Raid Attendance: 90% (if you email and officer a week prior we will work with you)
2. Research fights: We hang all of our strats on our website so its easy to prepare
3. Be positive: Every team takes time to mold and has to push through during new boss's
4. ONLY 1 PERSON will be the raid leader and ALL will listen to him/her.

KCT doesnt put up with drama, putting people down, or stuff that isnt becoming to a proud guild. If you are interested go to our website (http://kct.wowstead.com/)and put in an application so all the officers can view you and we will contact you. Thanks for your time Dawnbringer we look forward to having you.


Zoral (GM), Jinzi, Georgecarlin, Vengetralic, Amputator