I assembled the kit for MoP but have decided on a different profession. I boiled it down to the Inks for profit purposes - there are enough inks to level from 1-525 with bags full of glyphs/cards/etc when you're done. Write me in-game and we can get in contact, sort out a fair price. I'm willing to let it go for a bit less than it's worth for the sake of convenience.

P.S. I recommend you buy this kit before Tuesday if you're interested, as the Blackfallow Inks are tradeable until this Monday.

White Inks:
55 x Ivory Ink
66 x Moonglow Ink
69 x Midnight Ink
102 x Lion's Ink
45 x Jadefire Ink
145 x Celestial Ink
83 x Shimmering Ink
102 x Ethereal Ink
233 x Ink of the Sea
162 x Blackfallow Ink

Green Inks:
140 x Hunter's Ink
100 x Dawnstar Ink
76 x Royal Ink
32 x Fiery Ink
25 x Ink of the Sky
106 x Darkflame Ink
54 x Snowfall Ink
106 x Inferno Ink
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