Hunter pet problems

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Well since 5.0.4 ( and yes im a digital prepurchase account as well ) pet talent growl is a taunt and is passive so i can not remove it. even seen a wolf get one shotted? im seeing it every pull pretty much. why is this talent passive, hence not removable from action bar. I'm running with tanks getting pissed because the taunt and aggro dropping off them and with the new mechanics of vengeance only working for so long, it seems this will be a big problem. is there a way around this since every tree has growl? any help would be nice.
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Are you saying that you have no way to turn off your pet's taunt (growl) ability?

If so, that could be game breaking, at least as far as groups go.
It is the accepted practice for hunters to turn off their pet's taunt ability in dungeons so as to not interfere with the tank's aggro management.

If you cannot do this, then something is seriously wrong and needs fixing fast.
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08/29/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Enigmâ
Well since 5.0.4 ( and yes im a digital prepurchase account as well ) pet talent growl is a taunt and is passive so i can not remove it.

Are you not able to right click the ability in your spellbook or pet bar, Enigma? That should deactivate the ability to your pet doesn't use it.

If you cannot, have you tried resetting your User interface to see if that helps?
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You may want to look into an addons that might be causing User Interface conflicts, as I am able to right click on Growl to turn off autocast on my hunters pet with no problem.
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Ok, Vrakthris beat me ;)
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Anyone else having problems on ultrax and madness with not being able to use kill command? I get a message saying pet is out of range. Madness, if I don't use the command to go to a certain spot and stay, she runs off the platform down into the maelstrom and does nothing. I can't use kill command or any specials here either, same message or no path available. Hope this gets fixed soon, because I love playing my hunters.
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08/29/2012 09:56 PMPosted by Zmey
Anyone else having problems on ultrax and madness with not being able to use kill command? I get a message saying pet is out of range.

I've had that issue with my pet n west plaguelands, but it was only once. Pet can run up and whacked a zombie but would not use kill command due to range it said, it was one out of 20 or so of its kind i killed during the quest. Either its a rare bug on the monsters/bosses or something in how it spawns.
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We ran DS last night on other toons and the two hunters in the group mostly complained their pets kept dying due to boss melee. There were some instances of out of range and of course both their pets ran off into the maelstrom to stand and do nothing to Deathwing. Seems the hunter pets now have the warlock pet issue of taunt being on..but it's not.
I can confirm that my lowbie hunter is having an issue.

I CAN right click growl to turn it of, however, tanks still complain it's taunting.
After close observation over two instances, I can confirm growl is OFF and yet it's still using the ability.

I see the ability being used by the pet watching it's cooldown getting triggered, followed right away by the pet having huge aggro, jumping just above the tank.

It will do run the ability every time the cooldown is up, and like I said, I confirmed the ability was "off".

This was on the starter cat pet.
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we literally had out hunter bring a sporebat because our raid was missing the 5% spell haste buff. Sporebat does NOT have the growl talent to my knowledge, yet it was still taunting to eventually get one shotted and die. There is an issue here...
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Every pet is capable of using the Growl ability...even if said pet happens to be a sporebat. If the ability isn't on the pet bar, it can be turned off from the pet's spellbook page.

Now that being said...if the ability is clearly showing being turned off of autocast and the pet is still Growling - that means something is indeed amiss. Did anyone check the combat log to see if this was actually happening?
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Here is a macro that may help your hunter, it will turn on or off growl for you depending if you are in a group or not. The nice thing is you can put it on any button/bar you want, it is not limited to the pet bar.

/cast Hunter's Mark
/cast Charge
/petautocastoff [group] Growl
/petautocaston [nogroup] growl
/petautocastoff [nogroup] Cower
/petautocaston [group] Cower

If you just want to control growl/cower:

/petautocastoff [group] Growl
/petautocaston [nogroup] growl
/petautocastoff [nogroup] Cower
/petautocaston [group] Cower
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If this is indeed a bug, make sure to report it on the bug forums, as well as the hunter forums, so the devs can take a look.
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Note: BM's pet's Intimidate is a short taunt. With the MoP changes that have made BM the top Hunter spec, there are a lot of SV Hunters have change to BM, and they may not know that. However it should not be enough to to pull treat off of a "Good" tank.
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I too have this problem. All of my pets have a "Growl" of some type. I have a Shale Spider...and it kinda squeaks, lol, but still a growl when it attacks. So even with agro "Growl" turned off, my pets still have one when they attack. I also agree that a Good tank won't complain...too much lol.
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09/14/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Aluetta
I also agree that a Good tank won't complain...too much lol.

In the past I believe Growl was simply a threat boost to a pet. Annoying early in a pull, but I used to just ignore it in PUGs and out-threat it.

Now it appears to be a straight-up taunt, giving instant aggro on whatever mob it's targeting. Since many pets don't have a crit reduction, a boss crit will usually be a 1-shot, and a dead pet.

Additionally, in the days when mitigation was mostly passive, losing a GCD to taunt was just a DPS loss. Now, spending a GCD to taunt every 6 seconds is reduced mitigation (either less rage or a delayed reduction) so a taunting pet increases damage to the tank. Arguably the pet is taking hits making that equal, but unless the healer is soaking mana into your pet it's going to die.
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Seems the devs take the term "huntard" as seriously as everyone else. :P

"OMG TURN OFF GROWL N00B!!!" *kicks*

...And the devs laugh it up.

And you just ninjad a thread that is 3 weeks old.....
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