(H) <Sparta Kick To Ya Chest> 8/8hDS recruiting for MOP

Hello and thank you for reading.

Sparta Kick To Ya Chest located on the DRAGONMAW server. We downed all normal bosses pre-nerf this expansion while attempting to recruit from our existing guild roster. We had a complete overhaul in raiding direction and roster and began into heroic modes for Dragon Soul. We quickly cleared content, but the group had scheduling issues due to some of our active military members deploying. After these issues were resolved we cleared 8/8h and solidified our roster for the rest of Cataclysm. Due to five of our longtime members heading back to casual raiding for MOP we have had slots open.

A few things about our guild/raid team
-Full of serious, but fun loving raiders.
-Dedicated to clearing content in a timely and appropriate manner
-People who know and understand their class to the fullest
-Mature and handle issues accordingly
-Expect to progress into MOP heroic modes as soon as they are released and to clear them as quickly as possible
-Expect good attendance. We understand real life comes up and are able to work around it, but this is only for emergencies/extremely important issues.
-Must have and use Vent

Raid times: 7-9 P.M. Tues,Wed,Thurs U.S. West Coast Server

You can send in your application to SpartaKickWow@gmail, Real-Id, Ilyana (Summerson_J@live.com), or you can contact us in-game on the Dragonmaw server by whispering Ilyana, Lazdude, or Zzonked. Feel free to use the above email for any additional information.

We would love to hear from you.

Our primary need is an exceptional non shaman healer preferably, but not necessarily, with a dps OS, two tanks, one with a dps OS, and two ranged dps. However all classes will be considered based on progression and proper gearing of the character you apply with. There is an expectation of a deep understanding of the class you intend to play, but if you are interested in playing a monk this doesn't count you out.

Thanks for your time and Sparta Kick to Ya Chest looks forward to hearing and hopefully raiding with you.