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90 Goblin Warlock
Name: Passed on Thunderfury
Server: US-Kul Tiras PvE, Horde
Format: 10m
Raid Times: Wednesday 8pm - 11pm, Saturday 6pm - 11pm
Website: http://pot.wowstead.com/
Voice: Mumble
Contact: Deathbydot (aasooted@yahoo.com - R-ID), Jàmmer(the "à"'s are alt + 0224)

Guild Description:

Passed on Thunderfury was created by a core group of Vanilla WoW veterans who no longer have the time to devote to the requirements of Hardcore Progression raiding, nor the patience for the e-peenery that is contained within many of today's run of the mill guilds. While our patience for this atmosphere has dwindled, our desire to progress and maximize our toons has not. Our core team has been together for going on 6 years through various MMO's including Aion, Rift, SWToR, Tera, and LOTRO. We are a very friendly group of players who are looking for like minded folks to explore what Mists of Pet Battles has to offer. While we will never turn away a recruit based on age, our core group is 23+ and a certain amount of maturity is expected as guild chat has been known to contain the occasional F-bomb.

While our merry band of idiots cannot promise ZOMG SERVER FIRST raiding, we can promise that when you log in you will feel at home and that accountability and responsibility for ones performance will be held in the highest regard. If you are lucky, our guild politico may even regail you with stories of how he passed on TF not once, but twice.

Current update on PoT:

We are diligently helping our Monk rerolls prepare for release as well as recruiting to fill out our raid group so we can start some casual DS raiding to get familiar with one another and the new talent revamp moving into the expansion. Heroics and the occasional Transmorg runs are done during off times for the lulz.

Current Needs:

We are currently looking for exceptional DPS (full on Hunters and Rogues), Healers (full on Shaman and Druids), and a Healer/DPS hybrid. Exceptional applications of all specs/classes will be accepted.
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Yes it's true this guild passes legendaries to recruits for certain "favors" of a healing nature.
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91 Undead Death Knight
I only passed on a Thunderfury once, what is wrong with you people? :D

Good guild for good people, regardless of whether they have their facts right about my legendary plight...
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