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90 Troll Druid
My name on Greymane is Nymestra, and I come with a partner named Kymdar. We're currently level 40ish druids, but we're booking it to level 85 before MoP launch so that we can be ready to jump right into raiding for the new expansion.

We are currently seeking a serious, low drama, friendly and successful 10 man raiding guild to stay with throughout all of MoP.

We are long time raiders (as well as raid and guild leaders) who have been stuck on an abysmal server since TBC. Sisters of Elune is an RP server, and while there are a lot of nice people over there (and we have many friends), we have a very poor raiding community. SoE ranks #233 out of 246 US servers for raiding (vs Greymane at #64). With a new expansion weeks away, we've decided that we want to pursue raiding on a much more serious level in MoP (especially cutting edge, heroic content)

What we Have to Offer

Skill: We know how to avoid or adjust to new mechanics, how to interrupt, how to start healing before damage bursts, how to kite adds, or burst targets down hard; we understand that fire is bad, and we know how to move before it even happens so that we avoid every bit of avoidable damage; for unavoidable damage, we know how to use personal CDs to mitigate what can't be avoided. Wasting healer mana is just as bad as dying in the fire.

Preparation: We will always know all of the fights before we even see them the first time. We read multiple strats, watch first kill and PTR videos, and read forums for class and role-specific information before we even see new fights. If we have trouble with a certain mechanic, we dive right back in after raid time to figure out how we can personally do better.

Dedication: We have a very open and flexible schedule, so we have no problem offering near 100% attendance (barring things out of our control, like ISP downtime). We're looking for one good group to raid with throughout all of MoP (and perhaps further). We don't need to get realm firsts to be happy, and we are absolutely not looking to jump ship as long as we end up in a good group. We absolutely love spending hours wiping on incredibly tough content.

Camaraderie: We really are nice people. We're low-drama, patient, friendly, loving and warm. We know how to follow, and we know when and where it's appropriate to offer gentle and polite suggestions based on things we see or experience. We are perfectly capable of following a mature raid leader, and we're looking to make new friends as we down exciting content.

We Can Fill any Role: We're both playing druids, and we are happy to play any role that is needed: Tank, Cat, Tree or Moonkin. Between the two of us, we have preferences (I have more experience with Moonkin and Tree, and Kym has more experience with Bear and Cat), but we are both extremely capable, comfortable, and very willing to play any of our specs as needed. If someone doesn't show up, and you need an extra tank or healer or dps, we will always be happy to swap.

Cross-Realm Raiding: Until MoP launches, we are willing to offer our current mains, Leyota (Bear/Kitty) and Faeylin (Legendary Moonkin & Tree) for cross realm raiding (which includes all content). We haven't had as much experience as we would have liked with H DS (because again, our server is pretty abysmal), but we can jump into a group and quickly pull our own weight.
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90 Troll Druid
What We Need From a Group

We're looking for a mature, serious, stable and friendly group.

We expect the members of our raid group to treat each other, themselves, and us with respect and even warmth.

We don't need anyone to sugar coat anything for us, but if we do make a mistake, we do not want to be yelled at; but pointing out our mistakes is perfectly okay! Any time we're not playing perfectly, you better believe that we see it and that we are actively working to improve the problem.

We want guaranteed raid spots. Raiding is a very important activity to us each week. We will always be there, willing to throw ourselves into the next impossible encounter. It would be very demoralizing for one or both of us to be left out on any given night. We are willing to freely swap specs, and we might even roll and gear alts if the group needs something specific to progress on a certain fight.

We want a group that is not going to fall apart at the slightest hint of trouble. Older, established groups with room for two more a big plus!

We're going to be spending a lot of time together, and we do not want to get those exciting, thrilling first kills in a hostile, unfriendly environment. You can't be jerks or drama queens.

Important Note

We plan to continue running our little raiding guild on Sisters of Elune. We lead a level 25 guild, and we both have 10 characters each (one of every class) on the server, at max level in JP or better gear. We do not plan on abandoning our friends, and we'll still be running a raid group for them. However, we will always put our Greymane raiding first, and we will freely schedule our Sisters of Elune groups around what we do here with you.
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90 Troll Druid
We are currently exploring a guild! Thank you. ^^
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