Unholy PVP Talent/Glyph Guide

85 Human Death Knight
I seem to be having a good time with the set up I am using as UH since 5.0.4 dropped.

Talents I chose are as follows:
Unholy Blight
Death's Advance
Death Pact
Runic Corruption
(Will likely take Desecrated Ground at level 90, but who knows!)

The Breakdown:
Unholy Blight is my best friend in those big, mid-field, battles! You spread your diseases on everyone, similar to how Frost did last patch, and just watch the yellow numbers dance across your screen!
-This is especially useful if you happen to be running in BGs with a premade
including a Lock, Boomkin, Fire Mage, and Shadow Priest. (Your basic Dot Cleave)
-Not only does this provide an insane amount of damage to a large group, but it
puts dots on EVERYTHING within 10m of your character. You may not think that
means much before you try it, but I promise you that when you do it correctly
you will see your damage jump significantly!
Note: Unholy Blight isn't the best possible choice for 1v1 encounters, you may decide you
prefer Plague Leech for those clutch Necrotic Strikes!

Lichborne is STILL a must have, in my personal opinion. YES! Come next season AMZ will likely be where I put the point, simply for the extra survivability of my entire team in 3v3, BUT UNTIL THEN I will continue using Lichborne simply due to the fact that I enjoy being self-sufficient! Many times you will be gripped away from your healers in a BG and will have to pop several defensive cooldowns in order to survive! This is where Lichborne can save your life! (Especially with Death Coil healing for 35k per tick!)

Death's Advance is great for catching up with those pesky kiters, and those scared little healers! It also is great for powering through those annoying frost traps Hunters seem to love so much! Not to mention the passive side of the ability, which is to not allow you to be slowed past 70%! Great for fighting those (under powered, and highly nerfed) annoying little rogues!

Death Pact could definitely be a toss up between Death Siphon. Why? Simply because Siphon doesn't have a cooldown other than the time it takes for your death runes to replenish. Although! As Unholy Dks, we do not have the constant ability to use death runes, unlike a Frost Dk (You know, since they have 2 Death runes at all times). For the most part, I just really enjoy the 70k heals once every 2 minutes WITHOUT the entire loss of a pet (WHICH OF COURSE NEED A HEALTH BUFF BLIZZARD! Seriously?? 73k health is NOT O.K.!)!

Runic Corruption is by far still my favorite ability in the Unholy arsenal! Yes, Runic Corruption COULD be nice, I agree, but I will still take Runic Corruption any day. The constant +100% rune replenishment speed makes life so much more wonderful! Death Coils are hitting ridiculously hard anyway, may as well make use of them!


Icy Touch is a MUST! Offensive dispels are how you kill your casters! Got a Mage problem? NOT A PROBLEM! Icy touch that shield off, and go to town! Got a healer with HoTs falling out of his @$$? Icy Touch them off! Make them burn that mana, then go to town! Overall, I absolutely thank Blizzard 100% for this new glyph!

Strangulate is wonderful! Since they dropped the length of your basic Strangulate to 5 seconds, the extra 2 while they are in the middle of a spell works wonders! You ARE of course the main CC in your arena team (atleast in RDP [Also known as Vanguard Cleave] you are) and therefore everything helps!

3rd Gylph could go several ways, I personally took Death Coil, simply for the extra utility it will be in arenas. You could go with AMS, which would help healers out, if your comp's healer has better throughput, but I like the ability to save my heals with those clutch Death Coils when they are being blown up in the middle of a stun/silence. Maybe you want to take Enduring Infection for the fact that your diseases cant be dispelled, though dispel now has a 6 second CD now (I believe) so you shouldn't have to worry about that too much. AGAIN! It's all up to how you play on this one!

Minor glyphs are nearly ALL cosmetic, and therefore I won't go into these!

Thanks for reading!
If you would like a post about my rotations or any other information that I missed, feel free to ask and I will do my best to accommodate!
Also, if you notice any mistakes, I will completely understand if you let me know! It is still the beginning of the patch, and I am sure that I could have made mistakes somewhere!

-Mørtëm 85 Unholy Death Knight, The Venture Co.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Hmm...looks neat but I like purgatory.
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100 Tauren Shaman
Nice review--very cool of you to take the time.
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90 Human Death Knight
Yea he's a pretty good dk, now that i know who the hell he is and read up on him. Solid build thought personally i see rolling blood as more of an investment than unholy blight as the latter has a one and a half minute cd. one outbreak and blood boil on a whole party in a bg gets you the same results with no cd, minus the blood rune cd, obviously, plus the up front damage from blood boil, not to mention the fact that when you use blood boil you turn that blood rune into a death rune. i personally see more utility from that than a one and a half min cd aoe dot. everything else looks on par, as my spec is pretty much the same, however thats my opinion.
P.S. purg looks amazing, but it's more trouble than it's worth, i find, half the time if you end up using it it's when you don't want to and you really don't have a choice, it happens anyway and that ability goes to waste
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90 Worgen Death Knight
09/05/2012 02:07 AMPosted by Nymesys
half the time if you end up using it it's when you don't want to
Isn't that the point of a Oh s**t talent.. you got damaged past what you could take and this happens.. and now you have three seconds of precious time that you would not have had.
Death Pact is nice But you have to click it. Purgatory happens automatically so it's instant and can't be countered. I fail to see how it would not be a boost in any situation.
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90 Human Death Knight
once every three minutes, what if you just end up in a team fight in which, long story short, you're out numbered 4 to 1, even for pros, most of the time, that's a loss so purg goes off even when you know it won't make a difference, you'll die anyway. with death pact you can choose, ok, this is a losing battle, i'll save my SHORTER CD heal than purg and use it when i actually need it. and you still click !@#$? da#@#? anyways, one button doesn't really make a big deal.
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