Lost Heroes is opening our doors to new members for MoP (not that they were ever really closed =P). We take all ages, also have a lot of women. We are a casual 10 man raiding guild with a fun, friendly, "family" type of atmosphere. We currently have three 10man raiding teams and are hoping to carry all three into MoP.
We do all kinds of events, such as lotteries, old-school raids, chievement runs, PvP nights, or just random BS nights in TS. Most of us are really good friends and just enjoy playing together.

We use teamspeak 3 as our main voice chat server, but we also have a ventrilo that we use as back up. We also have live streams on our website.

If you are interested, please check out our new website @ http://lostheroes.2ya.com/
~ Thanks
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