Fixed Mana Pool And Less Regen

90 Pandaren Shaman
I'll start by saying this, i was really excited at the changes to healing from Wrath to Cata... wich pretty much lasted only for T11. Firelands and Dragon Soul pretty much became wrath again where you simply had to spam your heals without consequences.

Now i'm really happy with the changes they made to the mana pool/regen. Making healing in my humble opinion more interesting than ever. You can't really braindeadlessly heal anymore without worrying about the consequenses it'll have on your mana pool, you now have to think about wich spell would be best suited for any given situation instead of mashing your keyboard wich i think is a good thing.
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90 Troll Druid
Yeah plasma on spine has become oh so very lolzy...
Seems like theres much more of a learning curve than previously. I started healing in DS so i wont comment on what it was like before, but now I find myself being an awkward third wheel. A ghostcrawler post as a "this is what is happening to each of the healing classes" would be very nice since myself and the other two healers are learning our own classes and dont really have the time to sit down and go "ok, so you're good in this situation, and you're good in this, so we'll do..."
Overall I do agree that non-beta healers got kinda screwed over with the lack of advertising.
How are other classes handling this? I heal with a pally and a priest and haven't heard much from them as far as how they stack up compared to pre 5.0
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90 Night Elf Druid
I was pretty giddy about the changes on my resto druid as well. This druid used to be resto throughout all of BC / Wrath before I switched to pure feral this expansion because resto seemed to take such a bad hit. At the end of Cata, I leveled another druid for resto to give it another honest go, and still hated it, now I'm in love. It feels like Wrath again for me, not because of the lack of mana issues, but because my HoT's actually heal for something.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I understand your dilemma OP, however, you must understand the mechanics that are in play now, are designed with level 90 content in mind. The issues you are worried about will be a faint memory by the time you hit 90. With mana pools at 300K or a little more for some classes, your regen button will be much more effective then. The fixed mana pools are a very good thing, it opens up a new door of customization for your character. Give it some time, and it will all work out in the wash.
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