This is mainly to help all those people(such as myself) get the Halaa Battle Tokens required to purchase the mounts. In total I think you need 170 battle tokens.

So I'm asking all those out there in our beloved Gilneas server, doesnt matter if you pvp or not, if you want the mounts lets get together and get our tokens.

Perhaps we could do this once a week. I suggest Wednesday night about 7:30 server. and it would whenever the hell people get tired of killing eachother and dieing.

I have 2 toons I mainly run on. Synthose(alliance) and Levion(Horde) add me to friends or in game mail me or just replay here to let me know whats up.

I have 3 people interested so far and I shall tally up the amount. Hopefully we get an equal amount of Horde and Alliance.

I suggest PvP gear, so run battlegrounds or convert your JP to Honor to get some Cata pvp gear. Hope to here from you all and good luck!!

If you die, its part of the game.

if you absolutely need to contact me by other means you may ask if we may be real id freinds in the game. Thank You so much everyone!!!!