"Shockadins" dont need a nerf ( why )

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You usually put more thought into your posts. Maybe I was wrong?

Am I wrong though?

Healers shouldn't be soloing. Why would anyone play a DPS if a healer can DPS just as well, AND heal?

If healers want to level as a healer, LFD is a perfectly acceptable way of doing it. You level much faster in LFD as a healer or tank than a DPS due to que times. DPS should level faster in solo situations... because, you know.. They aren't a class that's role is to support other people. That is the tradeoff.

When 1 dps is extremely powerful, do people say "DPS ARE OP," nope. So don't say healers as if all healers are soloing things.
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09/06/2012 07:54 AMPosted by Aycil
Also prompts the question of how you have gear to do the quests in another spec if you respec to get the holy gear.

You will get duplicate rewards. Not the same item, but the same slot. All you need to do is keep a rudimentary set of retribution gear on you and then when you start getting closer to cap, get a solid set of holy gear. Not every piece you pick up has to be valuable for the current spec you are in. It's not impossible to maintain 2 workable (not superb, but perfectly functional) sets of different gear and then focus on one towards the level cap.

I don't understand how massive healer damage is a good solution to this issue. There may be problems with the current leveling design, but that doesn't mean the solution is to make it so healers can do it all. Saying "Shockadins don't need a nerf" is saying just that.
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The ultimate issue is that there currently is an imbalance among HEALERS. Druids can quest and get int leather as boomkin and if they want can switch to resto at no real penalty to healing because when your leveling the gear is the same. No one gives a lick about secondary stats, reforging, enchanting or gemming leveling gear. No one runs leveling gear through a spreadsheet to find out if it is a dps gain to put the new piece on or not. Healing shamans can level as elemental, Priests as shadow and it all still applies. You don't have to carry around a second set of gear in your bags (in which bags spaces are very precious while leveling). Pallies are the only healing spec that has to have a second set of gear for leveling. All other healing specs have other options. That is the imbalance that the glyph was meant to fix. At 90 no pally is going to take the glyph for pve or pvp because you give up way to much for it.

Posted by Marathel

The formula for damage is not going to change, so a holy pally hitting me for 25k now will be hitting me for 50k if his spell power doubles.

This is the stupidest thing I read today. Are you even in beta?

So, his damage will double, but your health will triple.

See how that works?

That's not how scaling works. There is a set value that gets adde to a percentage of your spell power. For example I used to have a spell called thorns. Whenever someone attack me it did nature damage to the attacker. At 85 the base damage was like 2k a hit plus 15 percent of my spell power.

Contrast that with the spell frostbolt that does 1145 to 1457 base damage plus 125% of spell power. When you get better gear frostbolt gets very powerful and thorns does not. In both cases the spell power gains are the same but the power increase of the spells is different.

Holy shock similarly had a high base damage but crappy scaling of 83% of spell power so that while leveling the two could do similar damage but the second the mage puts on a decent non quest green the mage pulls way ahead. And the paladin is stuck doing simliar damage in full final tier gear as the mage in early dungeon blues. It may feel crappy to a dps at 85 where the damage is not balanced anymore, but it feels far worse to be the only healing spec in the game that has to jump through hoops to do something as basic as getting a quest done.
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Just as people say "1 person should not be able to kill a healer", a healer should not be able to kill another player. Plain and simple. If the rule above which I FULLY agree with you should not be able to solo a healer because of competitive pvp being structured around that, a healer should not be able to solo a dps.
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Community Manager
In a recent hotfix to the game, we reduced the base damage and increased the spellpower coefficient of Holy Shock.

We were seeing extremely high base damage at low levels, and made the change in such a way that it only has a moderate impact on characters at or near level 85.

By far, most of our effort is currently on level-90 balance, because that’s what’s important to most players. However, it’s not the only thing that’s important. We’re seeing some Mists of Pandaria changes causing a few balance problems at lower levels, especially in PvP. We’re working on fixing all such imbalances, and this is just the first of many changes. If you’re interested in discussing similar issues, I’ve just started a new thread about it them our class balance forum.

  • At level 10, Holy Shock damage has been reduced by 85%.
  • At level 85, with LFR gear, Holy Shock damage has been reduced by 39%.
  • At level 90, with normal raid gear, Holy Shock damage will be approximately equal.

The healing component of Holy Shock is unchanged.
Edited by Kaivax on 9/6/2012 3:33 PM PDT
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lol true
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100 Troll Shaman
However, it’s not the only thing that’s important. We’re seeing some Mists of Pandaria changes causing a few balance problems at lower levels, especially in PvP. We’re working on fixing all such imbalances, and this is just the first of many changes. If you’re interested in such, I’ve just started a new thread about it in our class balance forum.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!
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I would reply in the thread linked to concerning the current state of low level PvP on the live servers but it's in the Beta forums so I can't.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
So this means that the currently overtuned classes/specs are getting a balancing adjustment? Or is this merely limited to healer damage?
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50 Human Warrior
Low level pvp is probably more balanced that it ever has been with some exceptions like healer dps (good bye holy shock!!!!). Some specs kind of suck sadly, but I think all classes have at least one spec they can get by with. Now that holy shock is nerfed (and hopefully penance soon) low level pvp definately feels a lot better than it did before this patch.
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i can smell the sweet taste of tears coming soon from other classes
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100 Dwarf Hunter
Haha I love how people are complaining about every class and spec is OP.. It's so funny.. In case you haven't noticed blizz wanted every class to feel OP so you would have fun.. (except for you rogues) :p feel your pain with your weird conflictig poison talents.. But yeh.. In case you haven't noticed on this thread every class and spec has been claimed as OP.. How is that possible? Maybe that is their design. To make every class OP .. Am I a revolutionary? Maybe.. Am I a hero? Maybe.. But I do know what I am and that is a logic extraordinaire.


Different classes/specs have been labeled op for different reasons & at different levels. This does not mean that said classes are op right now at lvl 85 so I'm going to have to call into question your title of logic extraordinaire
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Why even keep the holy shock damage mechanic if it's useless?
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09/06/2012 02:48 PMPosted by Kaivax
At level 90, with normal raid gear, Holy Shock damage will be approximately equal.

I Tested this yesterday, Holy shock @ 90 in questing gear/heroic blues is doing 50% less damage. It now does 13k damage unglpyhed.
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