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Smashing needs to expand our raiding roster for MoP—we’d also like to bring in more social members, including more PvPers.

I’m recruiting now because I want to bring people in now so everyone can get a feel for each other as we run out the clock on Cata and level in MoP.

Below is a lot of information about the guild – if you’re interested, I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to read it, and also to check out our guild website to see if you think you’d be a fit with our guild culture/approach to the game.

Website: http://smashing-rexxar.blogspot.com/

Please feel free to talk to any of our members about the guild.


We are recruiting raiders – in particular DPS. We might also need a “third” tank and a “fourth” healer who prefers to DPS, but is happy to tank/heal when needed.

We also always welcome social members who are a fit with guild culture.

Also, Chairmanmeow (Tibb, Rollan, Keenna) is also wanting to create a rated BG team in MoP, so holler if that is of interest to you.

Interested in joining? Talk to Nieves or Ted if you would like to speak about joining. If neither of us are on, message anyone in the guild who is online, there is a chance that we are online playing an alt. Or, send a letter. Or, send Nieves an email at NievesRexxar [at] the gmails dot com

(I am doing a lot of hanging out over Storm Peaks lately looking for the last Frostbitten dragon, so am often afk – if I don't respond, try again :] )

Guild Culture:

Our guild culture is friendly. We don’t micro-manage each other. We keep guild chat and Vent (Mumble) PG-13 because of children in the guild. We don’t use derogatory language.

We are the type of group that has a problem when new loot drops because everyone tries to pass it to someone else first—a group where our bank is always too full because folks put lots of stuff in but don’t ever take enough out.

We play other games together because we like each other. A bunch of us are RL friends and many of us met in the game. We take raiding seriously, but we do it because it is fun.

We are, mostly, secretly commies who like the idea of a self-running collectivity where everyone puts in what they can and takes out what they need.

Smashing is also a very stable guild. The guild puts the guild first—so we’ve had no drama touch the guild foundations since the current leadership took over in February 2008. Meaning, this is not a guild that will break up over loot dramaz.

We enjoy the game—look at our achievement counts (/shame). Over half of our members are "old" by Internet standards - over 30 - and all of us have RL things we take very seriously. We understand that RL > WoW.

And, many of our members transferred onto Rexxar when the realm opened, and so have a long history with the glory and the shame that it means to be a Rexxarian.

Raiding Info:

We are a 10-man raiding guild.

We are looking for three major features in a raider.
1) Fit with guild culture
2) Dependability
3) Skill

We have stopped raiding formally for the rest of the expansion, and predict we will begin again around the end of October.

In MoP we will absolutely be raiding for four hours on Fridays beginning at 10:15pm server time (Rexxar is a CST realm).

We will likely add in a second raiding day based on raider availability.

All our raiding rules are on our website. If you're interested, take a look and see if they feel comfortable to you.

Guild history:

Our guild has been around since 2007. We’re level 25. We have a bank! We have a beautiful tabard, designed by Ted.

Ted: http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae329/tedrexxar/SmashingHeader02.jpg

Many of us have been playing together since just after WoW launched. We’re a really tight group, but one where there is room for other folks, as our newer members can attest. In Vanilla, several of us were officers in a guild that cleared the 20-man content and was staring down Ragnaros the week before BC launched. In BC, we raided mostly as a 10-man guild, with a short push into 25s that quickly taught us that running with that many people just wasn’t for us. In Wrath, we ran as a 10-man strict guild and had a lot of fun and a fairly solid record of success.

Cata has seen a chunk of our core raiders stop raiding due to RL. We have not raided as regularly as we would have liked and have not seen the same level of content that we did in Wrath. We want to try to build the raiding roster up to the point where we can do more in MoP.

We also would like to gain more social members. Our guild has a lot of Australians in it and several people playing from Europe. The Europeans, in particular, would love to have more folks online around their playing time.

I know a lot of folks are recruiting, but we have a lot to offer. If you have any questions, drop me a line!

/wall of text
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93 Night Elf Druid
Oh! And!

I know that Rexxar has become one of the realms for new players.

While we have, traditionally, been more attractive to burnt out hardcore raiders - we also would be a great environment for someone who just started playing and wants a nice home.

The run up to MoP and the leveling time would be a great time to get acclimated to raiding life if you're a new player who wants to see what endgame is like outside of Looking for Raid. (Spoiler if you're used to LFR: no one in our raids will be standing in a corner spamming aoe spells into the emptiness speculating about your sexual orientation and/or overall worth :-P)
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85 Worgen Warrior
Hi, your guild sounds great and exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a fun, interesting group of people to play with. I'm also on the west coast and your raiding times are perfect. I'm currently on Misha but haven't found what I'm looking for there. I'll check out your website and drop you an email, sounds like a great group.
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93 Night Elf Druid
That sounds good Swordd :-] You're also welcome to make an alt and we can chat in game!
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85 Worgen Warrior
Hi, I've created an alt 'Swordbanker' but haven't run into you online yet. I have a Warrior Tank/DPS or a Hunter I can move over. Which class would you prefer?
Looking forward to talking to you :)
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90 Worgen Druid
/Bump for a fine group of folks!

Also if you're a 'Yank' like myself, being in a chatroom with a guild full of Aussies is quite the treat to the earbuds.

Shoutouts to anyone else in the old crew I missed. Tibb, Eluul, Elessar and the rest.
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