Holy Pally Major Glyphs?

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Yeah, because did we have Holy Power in TBC and Wrath?

p.s. the answer is no

You noticed I said early Cata also. We do have holy power early Cata, and I was still able to spam Holy Power and stayed mana neutral.

So the answer is yes we do have Holy Power in early Cata.

Also, I made no mention of Wrath.
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Glyph of Divine plea is the best pally glyph I have seen. Ever. Fixes my problems with it entirely. Divinity is more of a personal choice since I can use it as a life saver or as a mana button if I need it. The last one is still up in the air for me but I might go with battle healer.
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I have yet to try the Divine Plea glyph, to be honest. 5 seconds seems like a long period of time to be taken out of the fight entirely, and since it's a cast time you can't even time it to go with a Concentration potion (so if you want to use both, you're out for 15 seconds). Maybe it will be more useful in MoP though, where wasting mana on 50% reduced healing would hurt you more. We'll see.

Right now, the only one I consider mandatory for raiding is Divinity, because it's a nice mana return. I don't recommend the talent purely to reduce LoH's cooldown though, because even with it, 6 minutes is a very long CD and you'll be using LoH purely as a mediocre mana recovery device rather than what it is - an amazing lifesaver with a decent mana return attached to it. If you take the talent, it's because more time with Divine Protection is very nice and because your progression fight is not one where extra Hand of Sacrifices or the DoT damage reduction from Hand of Purity would be very useful.

For the other two glyphs, I just chose Beacon of Light and Flash of Light for the same of choosing glyphs. They aren't great, but they're slightly useful sometimes, and unlike LoD they don't actually hurt me. I'll take it I guess.
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09/02/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Jeln
Divine Plea definitely. The other two are really preference. PotI if you want the extra self heal from WoG. Divinity if you want the mana, but couple that with Unbreakable Spirit or it won't be up for every boss attempt. I like Avenging Wrath, mainly because I only use it during high AoE damage phases, so that heal on myself is less healing I need and more I can throw on the group. I also prefer Flash of Light, because I only use that when someone is really low, and the next heal after that on that person is that much stronger.

I agree. Flash of Light is expensive, but useful when someone is about to drop. So it might mean that I have to cast ONE less Flash of Light on them.

I was a bit unsure about Divine Plea at first. But honestly I really like it and considering it triggers your GCD anyway, it's really like a 4 sec cast. It's nice to have that instant mana.
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The Divine Plea glyph isn't even that good. I hate it, and I think it's next to useless come progression. I'd rather be meleeing the boss+having my plea going at the same time while moving or when I don't need to heal.

Also, what happens if a player takes life threatening spike damage while you're casting your plea? You have to cancel it, or they will die. You cannot heal anyways. This equates to literally seconds of the fight where you were doing absolutely nothing. Oh, and you have to recast it too.

Dunno.. Might seem nice in DS, but I'm sure many of you will find it to be a drag come MoP.
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