Dentarg's Great Bunny Hunt

90 Night Elf Druid
As people in my guild continue to camp the cave at Darkmoon Faire it leads me to wonder if there has actually been a bunny sighting yet on Dentarg.

From what I have read, it takes a 40-man raid group about 15 minutes to down this little bunny. With his fears and crit hits able to take out lesser geared players in one hit of his little bunny nose this is a bunny to be feared.

Considering how small, yet quite vocal our server is, it's almost impossible for me to believe that this bunny has been killed on Dentarg and no one has heard a peep.

There was a rumor of a kill but no one has stepped forward with proof that it happened on this server.

This Killer bunny has 72,000,000 health (read as 72000 K in-game). When attacked it gains the buff Vicious Streak, with the subtext "It's a mile wide" and a blood red mist forms around the mouth of the bunny.
It then latches onto some lucky player's face with the attack "HUGE SHARP TEETH", doing around 25% of your health per tick every second until it rips off your face and you die. At this time you are also unable to be healed.
It does not have an aggro table that can't be seen and just randomly attacks people and rips off faces.

If you or anyone you know has recently had interaction with this face-ripping, eye eating bunny, please report it here.

As of now, there is no known spawn time on this fluffy bunny, with rumors placing it between 2 hours and 2 days.

Happy Hunting, Dentarg!
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90 Night Elf Priest
Bunny was killed on the 2nd of September... 2 days ago, at the start of Darmoon Faire.
Yes it took a raid to get the bunny down, but I wouldn't advise going through it for 10 pts towards your Achievements and a rare chance at getting the Bunny as a Companion.

Very tedious work it was, and our tank didn't die once I believe, aside from a noob who pulled it and we had to reset the bunny.

EDIT: I say rare but not so much because you are rolling against 39 other people. The only drop is 1 item...
Edited by Kandiz on 9/4/2012 12:38 PM PDT
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90 Human Warrior
also the "noob who pulled" won the companion /facepalm
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90 Night Elf Druid
There was a confirmed kill this morning at around 12:30pm server time. Of course, the loudmouth annoying one that everyone had to put on ignore for being a total nimrod won the pet.

Now if only he will accept my offer for me to buy it....
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90 Night Elf Priest
Why is it always the terribads that win loot? I wonder why no one bothered to kick that person who pulled. Any who, I got my achievement.
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