Kairesh Fury, the aged and cocky drunken elf, eyed his flyers and forms, looking over the spelling and wording of each one with a nod. He made sure his seal was affixed to the top; an image of a burning anvil with a greatsword rising from the embers.

"Tha'll do, aye."

He called for his parrot, the loyal companion setting out around hundreds of Alliance and Neutral outposts, flyers lining cities all around Azeroth...


Are you forced to wield nothing but a simple shortsword for your weapon? To be constrained to a simple weapon, unloved and made only by the process and the factory?

Well cast aside your twisted and weak metal and come on down to Fury's Flaming Forge!

Run by the esteemed and well practiced Kairesh "Burning" Fury, Armsmaster and Master Bladesmith, he will craft a sword to your specifications, fitting your hand and lining your arm perfectly! At Fury's Flaming Forge, you are not crafted a sword; you are crafted an extension of your soul, a true recreation of your power and skill!

And Swords are just the top of the list! The weapons and armor that Master Fury will focus upon includes:
Hand and a Half swords
Parrying Blades
Longswords and Shortswords
Daggers and Main Gauche
Maces and Crushers
Plate and Mail armor
Shields and Bucklers

And so much more, including enchanted weaponry and armor, as well as specially crafted spellblades and elemental weaponry!

So get rid of that weak little toothpick your fool of a general calls a "sword", and come on down to Fury's Flaming Forge! Walk in unarmed, walk out with a weapon that would make an orc quail!

Signed Kairesh Fury, Armsmaster, Master Bladesmith, member of the Mithril Order