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I'm interested in starting an achievement focused guild on my home server of Moon Guard, but I had a few questions to ask the hive mind before I even think about getting the guild charter.

The premise of my guild would be hunting down achievements, either personal or guild ones. My thinking was to reward members with, say 1 gold at first, for each 'chieve that they do. This amount would increase when the guild receives Cash Flow and as I become more independently wealthy.

My first question is is there any way to track achievements earned by date range, either in WoW with or without the help of an addon or in the Armory?

Next, is there any way to see how much a certain guild member helped with a guild achievement like the pool fishing one or any of the profession-based ones?

Last, but certainly not least, do you think a guild like this would be at all popular?

Thank you in advance!
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With achievements being account-wide now, I'm not sure how easy it's going to be to track them individually. I know when I mouse over an achievement in my window, it will tell me which of my characters actually got it, but I don't know if the armory will keep track of that or if there is an addon. If there isn't one, there probably will be one at some point.

As far as seeing any one person's participation or contribution to a guild achievement, I really don't think so, but having never actually checked, I don't know.

I think you have a really interesting guild idea, but since only one character has to actually get the achievement anymore (most of them anyway), you may find that a lot of your members already have them on other characters. Of course, there will be new ones in a few weeks, so that could definitely be something to shoot for, and leveling a guild from level one will also provide a slew of guild achievements everyone can participate in.

Good luck!
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I know there's a way to select it so that only that character's achievements show up on their armory page, and dates something is earned is included. I think it's in the in game interface.

There isn't any addon I know of to see individual contributions, but many guilds hold events like fishing tournaments, or critter rampages, to get achievements. You can also have them contribute mats and such to the guild bank, and check on the log every day, and/or have people send a note saying when/what they added.

The guild news in the guild interface tells a lot of personal and guild achievements, that may be helpful.

Also, do check Curse and see what you can find in their many addons pages; there may very well be something that would help you there!

Is there going to be an attempt to create a raid group for current content achievements? or will most of the focus be on 5man achievements and older content to go back and get achievements, transmog, etc?

In the case of old content runs, opening up events to the server can be a great way to advertise and promote RP (since you're on MG; dunno if you actually RP, but it can be rolled into the concept or not). Hordeside on Shadow Council, we have a group that does "Salvage Runs" where someone tells the person on charge of them "I need to go to X place for Y reason." Sometimes it's for a specific RP/transmog item (and the roll for that item is closed for that person), sometimes for RP reasons and they need help. On a RP server, giving both a gameplay and a RP reason to hit up a dungeon can get quite a lot of folks interested and involved, showing off your guild and what you do differently from other run-of-the-mill raid, PvP, social, or RP guilds.

Even if you don't RP, it can be handy to advertise open runs with clear cut rules on loot, etc, and even being "RP friendly" (no griefing, not minding if they chat IC, etc). It still gets people stuff they want for their usual interactions and transmogs and helps your guild.

Good luck!
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