Mature language in pet names

100 Tauren Warrior
I wasn't allowed to use the name "Air Support" for my blue jouster, due to the name containing mature language, apparently.

Anyone else been having problems like that?

I mean, thanks for looking out for the sensibilities of children, Blizz. We can't have them knowing words like "support."

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90 Troll Priest
my pet lolFUK is ok...

I guess we live in a world where "fart" is still a bad word...

I couldnt even name half of my cats in the game after my real cats because of it.

Druid & Jlgga are mature language .. Apparantly even mentioning Jay-Z's nickname is just too mature for the game.
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100 Undead Warrior
I could not name my Lil'KT Master. Made me sad.

I do have Baby Hexor though :)
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
Couldn't name my wolpertinger "Vodka."

Ticketing to protest the double standards given the top raiding guild with the same name. Who wants to predict the BS answer I'll get from GMs?
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85 Human Rogue
You guys are playing a fantasy MMORPG and you pick names that sound like they belong in an epeen shooter and you're surprised that you're getting resistance from Blizzard?

Well I guess that's your choice. Enjoy!
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85 Undead Rogue
Filter didn't have a problem with my pets.

I guess Fluffles and Bubbles are alright.

I did find it interesting that Jade wasn't an available name, though.

It's hilarious that Support was blocked though. Did they think people were going to try to send your pet /tells asking to restore their items or dethrone their GL?
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
This is why I don't play. heh
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100 Human Warrior
I couldn't name my black lamb "Black Bart". Apparently "black" is also a mature word. What the hell?
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90 Tauren Druid
Son of Artaius - Hyjal Bear Cub, no need for any other name.
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70 Orc Shaman
Squirrel named Live Action Squirrel With...
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I can not name my enchanted broom Mr Sweep. :(
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100 Gnome Mage
Apparently Mr is a bad word now too. No idea why the abbreviation for Mister is bad, but it wouldn't allow "Mr Knowitall" for my Lofty Libram. Took just plain "Knowitall" though.
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