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36 Night Elf Druid
The path from the excavation site to farstrider retreat was a treat to the senses for Sabrosa.
Bears meandered across grassy hills, while fox raced back and forth through the steady steps of grazing ram.

As Sabrosa silently moved up the path, she paused momentarily as she snatched a few leaves of an herb with her teeth. With a practiced movement of her head, her nose lifted up the flap to a pack on her side as she deposited the herb within.

Nearing the retreat, the light breeze carried the scent of dwarves, gnomes and humans to her.
Though her paws were tired and sore from her journey, she moved a bit more swiftly towards the retreat knowing that she would finally be able to rest.

Stopping at the entrance, she poked her head around the corner to peer inside. The squawks of startled griffons near the flight master announced her presence.
Vanishing as quickly as she was spotted, she took refuge near the stable master just outside.
The griffons now quieted, the sounds of the retreat continued with snippets of conversation and laughter.

Laying down a few feet away from the stable master, Sabrosa laid her head upon her paws and slept.

Sabrosa appears to be a large cat. A dark leather collar adorns her neck; embossed with her name in common. She is lean, yet muscular from travel and hunting. Her fur shines with a healthy glow.


What I am looking for:
I would prefer to rp with a guy. Someone who plays the same hours I do.
I understand the need to raid, do dungeons, or play on different toons for awhile. (I have different toons to play on too.)
I would like to play with someone that can rp well, I'm not looking for perfection. But I am looking for a good deal of rp..
(whether it is in a tavern, actively hunting in the forest, walking down the roads of Azeroth, fishing, battlegrounds or simply visiting the darkmoon faire)
I am partial to dwarves & draenei, though I would not be opposed to a deathknight, or even a gnome.

*Hunters already have their own hunting partner, as do warlocks with their minions.

A deathknight may have been a hunter before being dragged into servitude with the lich king. On his return he may seek some normalcy in wanting to be the same as he once was.

With gnomes, I think because there is no hunter class available this would be an option of having a gnome hunter.

I think if this rp works out, it could be considered romantic in a way - looking past the obvious appearance for whats within. (certainly not something to be rushed) A lawful good character would be nice to play with, or someone from pia.

I am in-game every night. Dusk till dawn. If I am not on this particular toon, I do periodically check mail and will see a note should you send one.

Edited a second time - I have herbing and skinning as my professions; also I have applied to a guild.
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Me Gusta. I'd love to join up, but I'm new to the server. And I'd have to level up minus the hierlooms... And I DC.. a lot. Like, and extreme amount.
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36 Night Elf Druid
*Early morning bump*
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92 Night Elf Druid
Aziriel stopped playing and bid farewell to the lynx. The bedraggled creature shot off, still bleeding almost invisibly from a few small wounds. Az licked her paws and stood up, wandering up the trail to the Retreat, nodding to a few Alliance as she passed them. She drew closer to the stablemaster, and sniffed the air.

Staring down at the large cat, Az debated waking her up. She loved games. With a regretful sigh, the druidess left Sabrosa sleeping, and eschewed the flightmaster for her own wings. She wheeled around in the sky, flitting around with the hawks and then sped off to the south.

(( Well. I'm not a guy. And my hours don't match, probably. And I'm not a dwarf/Draenei/DK/gnome. And Az is definitely not lawful-good. But uh, good luck finding a partner... here, have some 'you're sleeping so Az'll walk by' RP. *nods, runs off to school* ))
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36 Night Elf Druid
OOC: Yep, I've pretty much given up on trying for what I wanted.. I'll just have to take what I can at the recluse between questing. *goes off to take a nap before cooking the morning's dinner*
Edited by Sabrosa on 9/10/2012 3:44 AM PDT
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100 Human Paladin
Sabrosa, we can hook you up with someone in Pia I think.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
RP with this person! She is good people! :D
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