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First off we feel the quality of the person behind the toon is what counts in the long run.

Experienced, mature leaders, many of us playing consistently since Vanilla and BC. Level 25 guild, in Cata we ended up 5/8 Heroic DS as a guild and are now looking to reform for MoP. If you are looking for a hardcore guild who want to aim for being the best on the server then we are not for you.

In the casual to hardcore spectrum we define ourselves as "Casual Progressive." What this means is we have an interest in end game raiding, but we go at our own pace as a group and the people we raid with are far more important than the outcome. That being said we fully expect raiders to be properly gemmed, enchanted, reforged and geared for the content level -- but we do not go so far as to say you must be a certain race for your class. The idea is; wow is easy, play what you want but be good at it! Attendance is important for us to gel as a team but real life, in the end, does come first and we fully understand that. We also expect everyone to do their research on each fight so that we can all take part in strategies for each encounter. This is a group effort and not one individual making ALL of the decisions.

We are looking for mature players that understand their toons. Unholy Order is home to some of the most generous and kind people you'll meet in wow. We are especially interested in people who enjoy raiding and helping others as that is core to what we do. We're also pretty good, so skilled people -- join!

On another note we are interested in someone who may want to bring their rbg skills to the forfront of the guild. We have many players who pvp in the guild but nobody with any rbg background. This is a great oppurtunity for someone who wants a shot at leading, in a level 25 guild, an rbg team.

There is room for non-raiders as well, and we welcome your friends and family into the guild. The guild is founded by people in their late 20's and early 30's and many of us have become good friends. We do not police the language of ventrilo or guild chat, but ask that it is not abusive towards others. If you are an idiot in trade chat or act in an egregious manner that reflects on us in a bad way then you probably won't last long! Not being an idiot and helping others (yes even from other guilds) goes a long way.

Feel free to visit, unholyorder.enjin.com or message Inception (GM), Serenity, Adanis, Erani, Cerelia or Díablos ingame.
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100 Worgen Priest

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90 Pandaren Hunter
Sorry, is that better :/

To think i actually got your symbol right but screwed up the ending LOL.
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Great group of people, and awesome raid team.
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